digital signage

An effective digital signage strategy lets you streamline the flow of information to customers in a way that leaves an enduring impression. Whether your business has one display or 1,000, digital signage keeps your audience engaged with your company’s products, services, and unique brand environment — leading to better sales outcomes and more efficient operations.

However, in a world full of competing digital distractions, your signage needs to display relevant, audience-focused content to be successful.

Here’s how you can use custom content creation to build immersive, personalized experiences that people want to be a part of.

Compelling Content Makes Your Digital Signage Stand Out

On average, consumers across the globe spend around seven hours per day looking at screens. They’re streaming movies and shows, browsing social media, shopping online, and communicating with one another remotely for work or school, all while being exposed to a continuous flow of advertisements and digital marketing messages.

To stand out from all of these technologies vying for views and clicks, your business needs to support its digital signage with compelling content that keeps your target audience interested.

Fortunately, in a digital signage network, each screen can be custom-designed for specific audiences, locations, times, and dates, making viewers more likely to respond positively to your message.

Tailoring Your Message to Your Audience

As you design the content that will appear on each device, the most important factor to consider is your audience.

Who are they? What are their needs? How do you want them to respond?

If your primary goal is to attract new customers, signage content should focus on raising brand awareness and providing basic information about your products and services. You can achieve this through interactive kiosks that allow users to explore your offerings at their own pace, or digital signs that direct customers to your business’s website and social media accounts to learn more.

If you’re more interested in retaining existing customers, your custom content should highlight the benefits of your products and services through customer review videos, in-depth guides to specific product features, or exclusive looks at upcoming new offerings.

You could also create custom content that thanks customers for their continued business and promotes loyalty perks or membership benefits.

Creating Content for the Right Time and Place

Your audiences will need to receive different information depending on where and when they interact with your displays.

Luckily, digital signage doesn’t have to follow a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, it can be programmed to adjust its content so that it applies to specific times and places.

For example, digital signage in a waiting area could feature content that’s simply meant to entertain customers as they wait. It could also remind them of important information they will need to provide or display an estimated remaining wait time.

Signage aimed at shoppers can encourage them to linger longer in a specific area or direct them to products in another location.

It can also provide time-sensitive information about sales, new products and services, or seasonal offerings.

Get the Most From Your Digital Signage with Spectrio

Incorporating custom content creation into your existing digital signage strategy lets you communicate more effectively with both current and potential customers.

Our team can help you make it happen and reel in patrons that directly impact your bottom line.

Spectrio has your business covered in all aspects of digital signage, from design and hardware installation to content creation and audience engagement.

When you work with Spectrio, you have the opportunity to engage with customers using our templates or our in-house agency’s signage solutions. Creating, updating, scheduling, and surfacing your content is never more than a click away.

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