digital signage

A revolution is brewing in restaurants, and it’s not just in the kitchen.

It’s in the form of digital signage’s friendly counterpart — video walls.

Using a series of interconnected screens, video walls create one cohesive large-scale display, perfect for showcasing high-resolution images, videos, and text-based content to an audience.

Because of their incredible capabilities, Grand View Research projects that the hospitality industry will reach a $10 billion market size for these digital solutions by 2025.

Here’s why your restaurant should be in that number.

5 Reasons to Utilize Video Walls at Your Restaurant

Like dynamic displays revolutionizing modern museums, video walls for restaurants are redefining the entire dining experience.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal

In the world of video walls, your restaurant’s ambiance can be just as immersive as the flavors on your plate.

Unlike traditional static displays, video walls use dynamic visuals to set a scene, create brand cohesion, and amplify your overall vibe.

Are you a small-scale Italian bistro in the heart of Chicago? Take your customers across continental borders to the bustling streets of Rome, where they can get as lost in the LED views as they do in your risotto.

Looking to create greater consistency with your brand image? Add your restaurant’s logo, color scheme, and preferred font to your displays, especially when highlighting something like tonight’s special.

Trying to find a way to modernize the look of your decor? Whether you run a sports bar or a 5-star steakhouse, create a sleek, up-to-date look and feel by tailoring your digital signage to the color of your booths and the style of your paintings.

Whatever your unique identity entails, a video wall will bring your restaurant to life and have your customers returning for the experience of it all.

Improved customer experience

As a restaurant owner, you have plenty of responsibilities to juggle to ensure elite customer service.

One of those many tasks?

Doing your all to avoid the angry customer who has waited two hours to be seated. Or to receive their meal.

No one enjoys waiting, but video walls can turn idle time into an engaging experience.

With a video wall system, you can showcase just about anything visual, preferably attention-grabbing. Some of the more popular types of content that can keep the impatient customer patient include:

  • “Dish of the Day” spotlights
  • Live sports and events
  • Ambient visuals, like scenic landscapes or abstract art
  • Social media walls, highlighting tagged photos or reviews
  • Educational content, like the origin of dishes or the sources of ingredients
  • Entertainment content, like music videos or even short films that match the theme of your restaurant

Welcome and engage your customers with a bang. By inviting customers into a realm of LED screen-based entertainment that reduces perceived wait times, you can significantly improve your chances of a 5-star Yelp review.

Innovative digital menu boards

The days of relying on just print-and-paper menus are dwindling.

You’ve seen McDonald’s embrace digital menu boards, and you’ve probably noticed your nearest sandwich shop has, too.

But video walls take digitally displaying your menu items a step further. These multiple screens become larger than life, helping even the most nearsighted customers easily pinpoint their next meal.

LED video walls can also be used to present dishes with dynamic visuals, allowing customers to get a picture of what they can savor and make choices faster. If your restaurant runs in a quick-service style, this capability can help speed up the line, especially when lunch rush hour ushers in hoards of hungry diners.

Aside from their efficiency, video wall menus are also way more sustainable than traditional ones. You can reduce paper and print waste and beat the landfills at the same time.

It’s a win-win for your business, the planet, and, of course, your devoted patrons.

Increased marketing and promotion opportunities

Rolling out a new menu item? Offering special deals for reward members? Opening a second location?

Make it known.

Your video wall is a blank canvas of opportunities to cast light on what’s going on in your restaurant’s world.

Use these digital signage solutions to your promotional advantage. You don’t need to put all your marketing eggs in the basket of social media, pay-per-click ads, and billboards.

You can advertise the best of your offerings and display company-related messages from right inside your four walls.

If you have advertising partnerships with supplying companies, like local farms, breweries, or wineries, you can also leverage your LED displays as vessels to highlight their products. The same goes for sponsored advertisements for local businesses.

This is not only an excellent way to fill your multi-screens with valuable content, but also reel in a steady revenue stream for the restaurant.

On-target events and special occasions

From open mic nights to weddings, there are endless events that you may host and cater to.

Whether you yourself are organizing the event or a third party is using your restaurant as its venue, you’ll likely want to customize your space to fit the theme and impress your guests.

Fortunately, a video LED wall can be adapted to fit any event in just a few clicks.

Blast relevant information about open mic night, including any special drink deals or even lyrics to songs. Congratulate the newlyweds for tying the knot with an elegant, large display of their engagement photos. Or, on holidays, use your video walls to amp up the spirit and paint a memorable scene.

New Year’s Eve? Include a countdown to midnight on your screens to enhance customer engagement and morale. Valentine’s Day? Go all out with pink, red, and heart-shaped goodness on your visuals.

Or, go the less cliche route. The choice is truly up to you.

And, luckily, there’s no limit on how many times you can tweak your display until you get it just right.

Explore Spectrio’s Video Walls for Restaurants

Whether watching sports or ogling at menu items, many customers now expect their dining experience to keep up with the digital age.

As North America’s digital signage powerhouse and best-in-class provider, Spectrio is here to take the heavy lifting off your plate.

No matter if you need help with video wall installation or content creation, we can help you amplify your brand voice, attract more customers, and stay well ahead of your competition.

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