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The hospitality industry is primarily focused on creating quality experiences for customers. From a relaxing spa or hotel that washes away worries to an immersive restaurant built for sports fans, the goal is to create a world where customers don’t have outside concerns or distractions.

Unfortunately, the outside world often finds its way in when hospitality brands try to incorporate TVs into their business.

Obnoxious commercials can annoy customers, and inappropriate content can set a bad tone in your waiting area. Suddenly, a feature that was meant to help your business is hurting it.

It’s possible to have a TV in your business without disengaging customers; you just have to choose the right option. Hospitality private label TV can improve your brand and create a positive experience for audiences. Here are five features that make it better than traditional options.

Wrap Branding Around Your Messaging

One of the main features of hospitality private label TV that drives business owners to choose it over cable is branding. The TV display is presented within a branded overlay that shows your logo, colors, imagery, and information. You can include as much or as little branding as you want around your content.

Private label TV also allows businesses to share additional content and media feeds related to your brand.

Some hospitality clients show the weather to better inform guests or advertises social media channels to invite people to connect with them. You can also select trivia or news updates to share with customers while they wait.

Simply put, this branded hotel digital signage option is different from any cable provider or streaming service. Even if you don’t have a specific video content plan in mind for your audience, you can ensure the content is clearly branded with a focus on your business.

Customized Channels for Different Audiences

With hospitality private label TV, you can create channels for different audiences, areas of your business, and even times of the day. You’re able to change the content as often as you want and create as many custom channels as you need for your brand. In many ways, this makes it no different from cable.

For example, some companies choose kid-friendly programming for child-centric areas in their business, but then have adult-oriented content with news, sports, and entertainment in other areas. A restaurant or hotel might choose calming content in the morning as people wake up and then switch to high-energy channels in the afternoon to engage customers.

When you choose the content you want, you can select the exact clips that correlate to your brand, or you can choose a general theme of content.

Most business owners appreciate this because they can be as hands-on or hands-off as they want without worrying about the quality of the content.

Less Commercials From Outside Sources

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs opt for hospitality private label TV instead of traditional cable is to limit commercials. In 2009, roughly 13 minutes and 25 seconds of airtime per hour was dedicated to commercials, a number that increased to more than 14 minutes by 2013. These numbers have continued to grow over the past few years, to the point where almost a quarter of TV time is dedicated to ads.

From a hospitality perspective, commercials are annoying. Customers would rather watch actual content instead of dozens of rapid-fire ads. However, there’s also a competitive element to these ads.

When you broadcast cable shows, you can’t control what ads people will see. They might see a promotion for your competitors or learn about services another brand offers that you’re trying to push.

This actively takes business away from your company as you give your competition free ad space on your TV. By choosing the content you want, you can prevent invasive commercials from your competitors and strike a healthy balance between engaging content and advertising.

Live Cable Programming with Branding

While choosing specific clips and tailoring them to your brand is ideal for many hospitality businesses, others want to hold on to cable for the live-streaming options. Brands that cater to sports fans can’t exactly play last week’s sports highlights in the middle of the Super Bowl or Olympics.

Spectrio offers a live cable pass-through option for brands that still want to show cable programming to their customers while also growing their brand.

For example, we’re able to pass a cable feed through the video zone of your display. Your customers will still see your logo, graphic ad content, and brand wrapping even though they’re watching ESPN or following breaking news. You don’t have to give up on the cable content you need or video on demand to attract views, but this enhanced version ties your brand to whatever is on TV.

Branded and Promotional Content Channels

You don’t have to rely on digital signage content created by others to broadcast entertainment for your customers. Many hospitality experts create their own branded content and share it with people on their private label TVs.

For example, a kid-centric business might create a cartoon with their mascot, or even film the mascot traveling around town. Additionally, a restaurant might showcase videos of the chef preparing the food or the staff visiting wineries to choose the best options for customers.

Your own video content can be as promotional as you want to make it.

Some brands only create small ads to show within other video choices, while others create lengthy guides and stories. The beauty of this TV option is that you can customize the content to whatever you want and change it the second you want something else.

Learn How Hospitality Private Label TV Can Help Your Business

The goal of private label TV is to enhance your branding, not detract from it. We work with companies to learn about their specific content needs and address their concerns. With these steps, we often end up tailoring specific plans that are unique to hospitality brands to help them create the perfect welcoming environment.

If you want to add TV to your hospitality business or are looking to upgrade from traditional cable options, contact Spectrio today. Or, get our free guide to learn what else is possible with digital signage.