Senior care providers and clients using LifeShare have discovered the transformative power of the technology. Families can easily send messages, pictures and videos to loved ones through their personal TV. Communities can communicate important information and reminders to individuals and enmass, and residents can enjoy activities and friendships in their community without having to worry that they’ll miss a message from someone they love.

Yet, one feature of the LifeShare ecosystem continues to be the Rodney Dangerfield (“I don’t get no respect!”) of our suite: The LifeShare Family App. Our family app was created to allow families to optimize the LifeShare experience for their senior loved ones, and to leverage the great work caregivers do every day. Here are 5 ways to get it into high gear:

Customize channel settings: Does your resident not like the news? Or maybe they like sports news but not business and economy news. Would your loved one enjoy following weather information for Miami or LaJolla in addition to their home? LifeShare is easily customized to accommodate the preferences of the user to provide a streamlined, enjoyable experience.

Custom messages: Make it easy for your loved one to respond or send messages from the system by taking advantage of Quick Messages. Family managers can create quick messages in the system. Sure, this allows users to send common messages like “Thank you” and “Call me,” but you can have fun by adding “who won the IU game?” or “Bring me pizza!” too.

Reminders: Know how time can get away from us? Let technology help pick up the slack. Family members may set regular reminders (via email or text message) to notify them of their loved one’s birthday and even to prompt them when it’s been too long since their most recent message.

Security: LifeShare allows one to manage who may or may not send messages to a loved one. LifeShare secures the message stream for users by allowing whitelisting or blocking contacts in the event this extra measure of security is needed.

Text to Speech: Clicking the text to speech setting in LifeShare gives sight-challenged users an extra boost when taking in content like messages and news. The TV will read the text on the TV screen to ensure no special detail is missed.

The LifeShare Family App is available free of charge to families of LifeShare users and works on any computer. All one needs is an internet connection! Are you interested in using the family app? Speak to your care provider or email for more information.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on our Family Mobile App.