Communicating with family members can oftentimes be a barrier when there is a geographical distance. Seniors who refrain from the typical social media forums of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have an even more difficult time. Sheila was kind enough to share insight into how her family uses LifeShare:

“My 98-year-old mother, Irene, is entering the end of life stages at Wellbrooke of Avon.  She has four great-grandchildren that live in Portland, Oregon. My nephews have been sending pictures of her great grandbabies through the LifeShare app on her TV. It is so awesome to be able to go visit with her and pull up her messages so that she can see what’s going on with everyone in the family.  She was recently blessed with the opportunity to meet her newest great granddaughter.”

LifeShare helps close the distance between relatives, allowing families to connect daily through messages, pictures, and videos.