Take a look around your auto shop or tire store. Now, pay close attention to the way the marketing content is presented around your location. Is it eye-catching and interesting? Is it front and center or visible right when you walk in the door?

If it isn’t, it’s possible that your content isn’t engaging enough to catch the attention of your customers. Shoppers are probably passing by your marketing material without a second look.

To get your customers to notice your content and use it help them make a purchasing decision (and increase your sales), use these auto industry marketing tips to improve the look and substance of your in-store content.

1. Go Digital

Don’t rely solely on print materials and static signs. Customers are far more likely to notice your content when it is delivered through Digital Signage multimedia, videos, and animations. Use digital screens around your location to share information with customers and visitors.

checking_tire_tread.jpg2. Educate About Tire Wear and Tear

Many people are skeptical about auto repair and maintenance. A lack of understanding and knowledge about auto need leads many people to believe that they don’t actually need what the salesperson says they do. It’s important to educate your customer to alleviate this stress. Do that by creating compelling informational videos about wear and tear on tires and how often they need to be replaced to maintain performance and more importantly, safety.

3. Explain How to Buy Tires

Assist first-time tire buyers by using Digital Signage content that provides basic information about making a tire purchase. This also helps alleviate shopper stress and make customers feel more confident as they move forward with their purchase.

4. Assist the Autonomous Shopper

More and more customers want autonomy when they shop. They want to research and find information on their own before they talk to a salesperson. Use your Digital Signage to reach this audience in your store. If a shopper isn’t ready to talk to a salesperson, direct them to a digital information portal where they can research on their own.

5. Provide Interactive Research Portals

To assist the autonomous customer even more, provide an interactive screen that enables them to select and control the content. Interactive screens allow the customer to choose the content that is relevant to their purchasing decision and quickly find the information they need.

6. Repurpose Existing Content

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating content for your signs, look around your shop. It’s likely that you already have a lot of educational and informational content around your store in the form of pamphlets, brochures, presentations, and guides. Start your content plan by turning the content from print materials into engaging video and graphics for your digital displays.  

7. Utilize Seasonal Content

As the seasons change so should your tire-related content. Create a content schedule that changes quarterly and represents each season. For example, in the winter months promote tires that relate to snow and heat. In the summer months, promote tires that relate to rain and heat.

8. Automate Your Content Using Weather Parting

Another way to tie your content the conditions outside is through the use of weather parting. When weather parting is set up, the content on your screen changes depending on the conditions outside. For example, if it is raining, the screen will automatically share a “rainy day” playlist.


9. Automate Your Content Using Day Parting

Another way to automate your content is through the use of day parting. Like weather parting, day parting automatically adjusts based on a set condition. In this case, it updates based on the day of the week. You set a specific content playlist for each day of the week. That way, you don’t need to manually adjust your content each week to promote your daily specials and promotions.

10. Promote on a Schedule

A digital sign is an ideal way to share promotions with your customers. But don’t approach your promotional content without a plan. Create a preplanned promotion schedule so your content is ready to go weeks in advance. This gives your customers a longer duration of time to see your promotions, and it gives you and your team time to create a strategic plan.  

11. Promote Events

Digital signage is an engaging way to share the details about your upcoming events. You can share videos from past events to show you audience what they will miss by failing to attend the event.

12. Create Event-Only Content

Use content to promote your event. Then, during the event, use content to promote your business. During events, display custom content that directly targets attendees and relates to the purpose and theme of the event.

13. Share Reviews

Another way to alleviate customer hesitation is to share reviews and recommendations from your happy customers. Include video testimonials from customers and case studies that show how your products improved the performance and safety of a customer’s vehicle.

14. Promote a Referral Program

Use your content to encourage happy customers to send more business your way. Implement a referral program that rewards customers for bringing in new customers, and promote it using your in-store Digital Signage content.

15. Host Contests

Give your customers another way to find rewards by hosting a contest and promoting it through your signage. Highlight the prizes and direct your customers to register on your website or through an interactive sign that allows them to register directly through the sign.

16. Empower Your Sales Team

In-store digital content helps your customers, but it can also help your sales team. Provide your team with digital media resources that enable them to better explain and educate customers through the sales process. Visuals are a powerful communication tool so provide your team with digital resources that allow them to show, instead of tell.

17. Encourage Your Sales Team

Most of these auto industry marketing tips utilize content that is consumer-facing. But there is a way to use staff-facing content to boost your sales. Digital signage can be used as a sales leaderboard and placed in an office where sales staff can monitor and challenge each other based on sales performance.

Now, look around your auto shop or tire stores. Do you see places where you can improve the visual display of your in-store content?

Incorporate these auto industry marketing tips to create an in-store digital content experience that will assist your customers and boost your sales.

Still not sure how to increase sales using in-store Digital Signage content? Stop testing and failing to find results.

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