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An office’s design affects its team’s health, happiness, and productivity. And if you’re not making the most of creative office space ideas, you’re probably not getting the best work your team can offer. Employees should come to work feeling inspired, energized and focused (at least most of the time), and their workspace plays a huge role in making that happen.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a huge investment to get a great return. Here are five creative office space ideas to foster your team’s creativity and output.

5 Creative Office Design Ideas

1. Allow for mobility

You’ve probably heard plenty about the damage that sitting down all day does to your body. Plus, the same desk with the same view every day doesn’t lend itself to inspired moments of genius.

By designing your space to accommodate multiple work areas, you’ll reap the benefits of a happier, healthier team. Homepolish designer Mary Davis elaborates:

“In modern offices, people need to be mobile! So we design spaces that allow movement. Using a standing height desk and table are great for this and allow for a quick meeting or for people to move away from their regular desk.

Also, having a mix of types of seating is important, so we often design open plan offices with a mix of break-out areas so people can meet together and collaborate or find a more quiet corner to be alone when need be.”

Short on space? You don’t need a ton of square footage, you just need to use what you have strategically. For example, you could put desks on wheels so employees can easily move around and collaborate. Look to the underused areas of your office, as well. If your lobby doesn’t get many visitors, make it a space where people can sit comfortably on the couch with a laptop, or install a space-saving, wall-mounted desk at standing height with a charging station nearby.

5 Creative Office Design Ideas

2. Make it feel like home

There’s nothing like cubicles, drop ceilings and carpet tiles to make an office a place people dread coming to. (That’s what our office looked like before we gutted it!) Most modern companies have ditched this outdated style by opting for a more open design, and while that’s more aesthetically appealing, it’s the details that make the difference.

Mary Davis from Homepolish has another example:

“Our clients hate the harshness of the standard corporate fluorescent lights, so we often use more residential casual fixtures with dimmers on overhead lights and mix in floor and table lamps to allow a variety of lighting levels. It makes a huge difference and helps people feel more comfortable.”

PR firm Quinn president Florence Quinn agrees, emphasizing the importance of luxury:

“The vision for Quinn NYC was for it to look and feel like a vintage-chic, European lounge — a place that feels good from the moment you step into it. This is why there is no reception desk, logo or fluorescent lighting and music plays all day through four zones of Sonos wireless speakers.”

Other cost-effective solutions include ditching white walls in favor of warm earth tones, putting rugs and a comfy couch in the lounge area, and stocking the fridge with employees’ favorite snacks. (Okay, that last one isn’t a design tip, but it sure helps a place feel like home.)

5 Creative Office Design Ideas

3. Bring the outside in

On a similar note, whether your office is in sunny Silicon Beach, bustling Manhattan, or somewhere in between, it should feel like an extension of the city it inhabits and the people who work there. So bring elements of the beach, city, or wherever you live inside.

Eric Benaim, CEO and Founder of Modern Spaces, explains:

“Modern Spaces’ hybrid office and artisanal coffee shop in Brooklyn brings an authentic Brooklyn vibe to the space. Photos and artwork by Brooklyn artists cover the walls, communal tables serve as collaborative meeting spaces, and brightly colored couches add a touch of home to the office. The bike racks are also very indicative of the area’s culture. We wanted to integrate as much Brooklyn-inspired character into the design as possible.”

Also encourage employees to contribute their own personal touches. Long-time residents and newcomers alike will take pride in making the space their own. By reflecting your neighborhood, town or region in your space, employees will feel a sense of community and loyalty.

5 Creative Office Design Ideas

4. Be playful

Your team puts in long hours every day, and sometimes the best way to regroup and reboot is by making time for a few minutes of fun. Create a space where employees can let loose and their hard work is rewarded.

Ashley Lewis, Director of Marketing at Hughes Marino, describes her favorite aspect of her office:

Incorporating games into the workplace helps build strong bonds among team members and also boosts employee engagement. We have pool and shuffleboard tournaments each month, and the winners get to display giant trophies on their desks. It’s all good fun, and it helps to break up the work day. The games really inject great energy into our offices.”

Even if you don’t have space for a designated game room, you can clear a space for weekly lip sync battles or yoga classes and stock up on board games for the kitchen. Ultimately, the goal is to get your teammates to bond, get off their feet, and get back to work energized.

5 Creative Office Design Ideas

5. Use strategically placed technology

Your kitchen, lobby, conference room, and game room are all gathering spots for your team. These are opportunities to reach your employees with important messages and share up-to-the-minute reports and information about your company. By placing screens in these spaces, you can do exactly that.

Here’s what Chris Beaver, COO of ExecRank had to say about Enplug (we promise we didn’t ask him to say this!):

“Wherever you’re in our office, you’ll find yourself drawn to a TV screen. We use Enplug devices on screens throughout our offices and our team loves them. Whether in a conference room sharing meeting agendas or presentations, in the reception area to welcome guests, or in our main space with the use of GeckoBoard to keep the entire team on the same page with KPIs, these TVs and apps allow our team to quickly and efficiently share information and keep employee engagement and awareness high. By using Enplug on TV’s throughout the office we know everyone is up to speed on where we are.”

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