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Enplug’s digital signage software makes it easy to get set up and running in 15 minutes per screen. Then the Enplug App Market has numerous apps that provide ready-to-go digital signage content.

Yet for truly effective digital signage communication with internal or external audiences, customized content needs to be carefully considered.

1) Goals for your digital signage communications

What are your primary goals for your external-facing digital signage? Entertainment? Information? Advertising of your products or services? All three?

Different goals require different content, which is why Enplug’s App Market offers so many apps with which to create customized content.

If entertainment is your goal, the Graphics & Video App can be especially useful. Share cartoons and short video clips that appeal to your targeted audiences. Content programming should align with age and taste standards of those audiences (as well as any legal considerations of your business).

Information content can take many forms from ready-to-go news feeds to customized information that can also be shared via the Graphics & Video App. Consider the languages to be used for information content. If your business has, for example, a large percentage of Spanish speakers, your information content could be both in English and Spanish.

Advertising of your products or services can be done by streaming content with special offers and promotions as well as announcements of new products, services or features.

The content for each of these goals can be rotated on your own desired schedule. (For those who want to know the tech behind the content rotation, click here to read a post about this.)

And remember that digital signage content can be as important for your internal communications as for your external communications. What do you want to share with your employees?

Read this post about a quiz to determine how effective your internal communications digital signage is.

Digital signage content

2) Obtaining customized content to share

You may already have the content. Content created for other uses can be repurposed for your digital signage. And with Enplug’s digital signage solutions you can share the same content on multiple screens or different content on individual screens.

For Enplug’s Social Media Wall App and Twitter App, live social media updates are created automatically with the use of your designated hashtags. And fans love to see their social media updates in real time!’

For industry content ideas for franchisors, school districts or universities, enterprise companies, and single location businesses read this post.

3) Who in your org is in charge of digital content?

This depends on the communication purposes for which you are using digital signage. For example, if your primary goal is for internal communications, a HR or communications manager may take charge of the content being shared. Or if your primary goal is promoting your own products and services, then a marketing manager may be the best choice.

If you are using digital signage for several purposes, a committee with one representative for each goal might be the best option. (Enplug has unlimited users on each system.)

4) Where to place the large TV display screens?

Again, this depends on your goals as well as your high traffic areas in your brick-and-mortar locations or your offices.

If you are a shopping mall operator, you have lots of options. Read this post to get ideas of all the places inside and outside the mall where digital signage can have a strong impact.

Also check out this guide on where to install digital displays.

Or if you have offices throughout the world, you might like to consider break rooms as prime real estate for your internal communications digital signage. Read this post on using digital signage in break rooms.

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