digital display in a mall

Billboard digital signage offers a dynamic solution to boring static billboards. If you’re a company with a product or service to sell (that usually includes all businesses), and you want to use HDMI-enabled digital billboards to raise awareness of your offerings, consider dynamic digital signage.

What is digital signage?

At its most basic level, digital signage software uses large display screens powered by a software media player to stream rotating customized content.

This digital signage content can be as varied as your imagination. For example, Enplug’s digital signage software gives you ready-to-go content apps as well as apps that enable you to create your own content. News feeds, weather, graphics and video, live social media updates, and so much more can be utilized on a digital signage billboard.

billboard digital signage

Making static billboards dynamic 

Billboards are valuable marketing real estate. Instead of a single message, put multiple messages on a rotating basis.

After all, when you’re stopped in traffic and a single billboard faces you, how long does it take you to read the tagline on the static sign?

Now imagine during those seconds that you’re stopped, you view a rotating content stream that engages you with the ad’s message and provide additional photos/text to support the message. Or you are shown several different ads. This is definitely more engaging than static content.

Ease of dynamic content creation

You probably already have the digital assets needed to utilize the advantages of digital signage billboards. The digital advertising assets created for social media updates, your website, your annual report — all these can be uploaded to the Enplug system and then streamed on digital billboards.

Want to share the assets on one specific billboard or across multiple billboards in multiple locations — easy with Enplug’s dashboard. And you have unlimited content cloud storage via the Enplug system.

Do not get left in the dust by competitors

While digital signage billboards may sound more BLADE RUNNER than REAL WORLD, your competitors may get to the digital billboard party before you. Instead of letting that happen, request a free Enplug demo now so that your competitors have to race to catch up with you!

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