vertical digital display in front of movie theatres

Shopping mall property managers need as many marketing advantages as possible in the era of ecommerce. To complete with online purchasing, malls have to provide more personalized customer experiences and use effective integration with digital technology.

This is where digital signage solutions come in. Whether individual stores or the mall itself, replacing static signage with large displays screens in strategic trafficked areas can create exciting marketing and promotion opportunities.

Retail digital signage

Here are some ideas for effective shopping mall digital signage software:

  1. Open spaces
  2. Mall restrooms
  3. Food courts
  4. Mall parking garages
  5. Individual store exteriors
  6. Individual store interiors

1) Open spaces

Look around any mall and you can probably spot open spaces that are not being utilized. Then envision large TV screens with dynamic entertainment and information content filling those open spaces.

These display screens can include live social media updates with hashtagged posts from fans of individual stores or the entire mall. You can also showcase advertisements for new tenants and individual store promotions. And what about mall-wide event announcements? Having a movie celebrity visit your mall for autograph signing? Splash the celeb’s photo and appearance info across all your mall’s digital signage screens. The sky’s the limit.

2) Mall restrooms

Consider the average mall restroom — bare walls and often (for women) a waiting line. Now imagine a large TV display screen announcing the special sales of the day at various mall stores or special mall events such as an upcoming band concert.

And what about the halls that often lead to these restrooms? Imagine several large TV displays screens lining the halls. Screens can even be categorized, for example, so that women’s clothing sales are displayed on one screen, men’s clothing on another, and children’s clothing on a third. Something for everyone!

3) Food courts

While each food court establishment may have its own digital signage menus, imagine large TV displays screens positioned at the entrance of the court and around the seating areas. Digital signage can promote individual food offerings or store and mall events.

With the ease of changing digital signage thanks to Enplug’s App Market, streaming content can always be kept fresh (and promote fresh food offerings).

And in case of emergency evacuations from the food courts, Enplug’s Simple Sign App can be used to announce the nearest exits.

4) Mall parking garages

Mall parking garages are usually boring places — you park your car and enter the mall as fast as possible. And then when you return to the parking garage you hope you can find your car based on the color or number painted on the garage pillars.

Imagine instead large TV display screens designating each section. With Enplug’s Zoning App, part of each screen can clarify the specific parking section while the main part of the screen can promote mall stores, sales or events.

5) Individual store exteriors

While individual stores in a mall often have static signage outside their locations, imagine instead streaming content that can be changed in an instant. Want to promote a flash sale? Use Enplug’s Graphics & Video App to display this announcement.

And for national chains, one person at corporate headquarters can send the announcement of the flash sale across all locations or only to a single location.

6) Individual store interiors

Utilizing large TV display screens inside stores can promote products and services in visually attractive and dynamically changing content.  Five-star Yelp reviews can be displayed along with hashtagged social media updates for the store.

With Enplug’s Graphics & Video App, for example, you can show product use steps or show a dress coordinated with different accessories.

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