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Have you been considering new ways to enhance your customer and employee experience, as well as grow your business organically? Digital signage is a great low cost and low maintenance way to do both.

Here’s the 10 best practices for leveraging digital signage for great digital marketing:

1. Demonstrate That Your Brand Is Tech Savvy

If being tech savvy is an element of your business and brand that you’d like to incorporate into the employee or customer experience, digital signage is an effective tool to do just that.

The Pac Mutual building in downtown Los Angeles, winner of the US Green Building Council’s Project of the Year, installed digital directories and digital signage with live social feeds as part of their renovation. Their tenant and customer engagement metrics have increased by over 1300%.

The famed Water Grill restaurant, which resides in Pac Mutual, hosted a successful event that used social media as a currency. They exchanged social media posts for cocktails!

digital marketing for corporate building

digital marketing for corporate building

2. Effectively Inform and Entertain Your Audience

With digital signage, you have a canvas to show a variety of content to effectively inform your audience and even entertain them! Whether it’s telling them the weather forecast of the week, current events and news, video clips or even live social feeds, your content will enhance the employee and customer experience.

Enplug has a variety of apps to choose from, including:


live weather feed digital signage


digital signage live news feed


digital signage wait list


digital marketing event promotions

Instagram Wall

live instagram wall

3. Increase Social Media Buzz Around Your Business

By showcasing the excitement and energy of happy employees and customers, you can spark social engagement and convert more people to be your fans and brand evangelists on social media channels.

Enplug’s live social media apps feed social channels to your digital signage and increase social chatter by on average 500% within the first 2 months.

At Equinox Fitness’ most important event of the year, 4 out of 73 gym total locations captured 65% of all social activity. These 4 gyms were the ones that used Enplug. You can find the case study here.

At San Francisco’s La Taqueria Restaurant, Enplug helped increase revenue 28% and helped raise the restaurants’ status and discovery on social channels, which led the restaurant to be declared as selling America’s best burrito.

digital signage for hospitality

4. Engage People With Effective Calls to Action

Digital signage is a great tool to engage people to take action. The following examples are creative content shown on the displays to get people talking about your business in positive ways or to give you valuable feedback.

The great thing is that the digital signage does the work for you to prompt your customers or even employees to take action in a consistent and reliable way.

digital signage content

digital signage content

5. Upsell Products and Services

Even with training employees to upsell products and services, it can be difficult to ensure consistency and upselling at every opportunity. Oftentimes, an image or subtle reminder will upsell customers a lot more effectively than being told a sales pitch at an unexpected moment in the customer experience.

Digital signage is a perfect means to upsell products and services effectively, and to ensure consistency that customers are communicated the opportunity to purchase more from your business.

liquor store digital signage

6. Share Promotions

Promotions are a great way to get customers excited about your business. They can be immersed in your brand experience through effective calls-to-action. A promotional discount creates a sense of urgency to get customers to take action, whether it is tweeting about your brand, participating in an Instagram photo contest, opting into your loyalty program, or finally buying that item they’ve been on the fence about purchasing.

victoria's secret digital signage promotion

digital signage advertising

7. Generate Revenue With Your Own Advertising Platform

Digital Signage not only has the benefits of enhancing the customer and employee experience, but can also create an entirely new revenue stream for you.

Nearly every thriving business is contacted by other businesses wanting to get exposure to their customer base. This provides a great opportunity for selling ad time and directly impacting your bottom line through your display!

digital signage advertising

8. Create Strategic Partnerships

Digital Signage can be leveraged to do in-kind trades with other non-competing businesses that have a similar demographic profile of customers.

Think about the businesses that have a customer base that you know would be interested in your brand. Offer them a strategic partnership. You might want to consider sponsoring digital signage for them, to not only add value to their customer or employee experience, but also to drop in promotional messaging around your business.

Brands can sponsor displays for their distribution channel partners. For example, Nike sponsors digital signage at PacSun stores. Alcohol brands sponsor signage at bars where customers make purchasing decisions.

auto dealership advertising

9. Enhance Events

Intelligent digital displays enhance experiences that are representative of your brand. The following are examples of Enplug’s live social media apps in action, which reward participants when they use your hashtag. They can immediately see themselves on your display when they promote your brand!

digital signage for events

digital signage t mobile event

10. Decrease Perception of Wait Time

If your business is thriving, there is usually a wait for the best that your business has to offer. Whether it is a cool promotion, drinks, food, or a queue or line, idle time is a perfect opportunity to engage people around your brand with effective calls-to-action.

Every minute that passes when people are “hosted” by your business is precious. Think of the opportunities to enhance people’s experiences, effectively upsell, reward people for promoting your business, and effectively entertain and inform.

digital signage outdoor events

Enplug’s soon-to-be-released Waitlist App works perfectly with Noshlist, to inform customers of their queue in line to free up their time and be texted when it’s their turn. The best thing is that employees don’t have to do any additional work to have the waitlist display on your display. It’s a convenient way to decrease the perception of wait time.

Digital Signage, when used effectively, can have a transformational effect on your business. Let us know how you’re employing this powerful tool! Shoot us an email at or click here to try Enplug’s digital signage software free for 7 days.