frustratedWhen was the last time you left your office and actually experienced your business from your customer’s point of view? If you’re the owner or a manager, you’re probably busy and think you don’t have the time. However, here’s a blog from Fast Company with some reasons why you should MAKE the time to experience your business the way your customers do.

The number 4 suggestion is easy to accomplish!

“Dial up your own 1-800 number, listen to the hold music for two minutes and see if that doesn’t raise your blood pressure. Get angry and see how long it takes you to rattle the customer service manager. What did you learn?”

As Message On-Hold providers, it’s obvious to us that the wrong music, static-y radio, or dead silence is irritating to callers. Some business owners and marketing managers get it. But others can’t figure out why they even need custom on-hold messages.

Think about it. Have you ever been put on hold and on the other end is silence? You may think for a moment that the person hung up on you. After you realize that you’re still on hold, you may wonder if they’re ever coming back to the phone. After another few seconds, you’re probably considering hanging up. And by the time the person returns to the phone, it seems like an eternity has passed even if it’s been just one minute. Do you want your customers to have those negative thoughts about your business?


Here’s another scenario: you call your local car dealership to ask about a vehicle. The receptionist places you on hold and they’re playing a local radio station. Then, you hear an advertisement for another car dealership offering the same vehicle at a better price. Do you stay on the line, or just go to the other dealership?

These are just a couple things to think about when looking at your business through the eyes of your customer. Make sure you are representing your company in the best way possible. If you have a good feeling after being on hold with your own company for a minute, then chances are your customers will too!