As the new month begins, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Well, at Spectrio, we’ve been in holiday mode since the start of November, but we’re starting to feel the burn now!

Everyone at our company has much to be grateful for: stable home environments, food to eat, clothing, and employment. But there are many others in our own communities that are lacking even the most basic necessities.

As a part of our commitment to community service, Spectrio is “adopting” families, children and elderly for the holidays.

Our Philadelphia-based team is gathering donations of men’s winter clothing, blankets and toiletries to go to Saint John’s Hospice in Philly. The mission of Saint John’s is to provide homeless and other needy men with dignity, respect, nourishment and opportunities for new beginnings, offering a residence, day services, and overnight services.

The Tulsa office has committed to adopting a family through the Family & Children’s Services of Oklahoma. This organization provides an array of services for families and children, focusing on vulnerable and high-risk children, people living in poverty, low income situations, and the working poor who struggle to make ends meet.

The Oldsmar office will be adopting several children from Hope Children’s Home, a place developed to care for, nurture and educate children who have been abused, abandoned or orphaned, providing them a place to live, clothing, food, an education, and mentors to step in for absent parents and extended family.

Oldsmar is also participating in the Elves for Elders drive, to help elderly in group homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes afford basic necessities that they wouldn’t be able to afford with their Medicare allowance.

Are you doing anything to help your community during the holidays?