Take a minute to think about what it’s like to walk into your favorite store.

Visualize it in your head, and imagine how you feel when you walk through the doors.

Do you immediately think about the products and items on the shelves? Or is it the environment of the store that stands out? The lighting, the colors, the smells, and the sounds?

It’s likely that as you recount a positive memory from a store, you will remember the shopping experience as much, if not more, than the actual products.

The satisfying sights, smells, and sounds of the store linger in your mind. They create and reinforce a positive perception of the brand and the overall shopping experience.

Overhead Music Is Powerful Part of the Shopping Experience

Overhead music is in many ways the foundation of the atmosphere in a shopping experience.

The music’s style and volume set the tone for the rest of the shopping experience. The sound leads customers through the doors, welcomes them, and immediately introduces the vibe of the brand.

Even more, the music can actually influence the way a customer feels and acts in the store.

Sixty-three percent of consumers have been influenced by a store’s atmosphere, and roughly 70% of retailers agreed that in-store music increased their sales.

Ignoring or failing to add a musical element to a brick-and-mortar business is a big mistake, but it’s not the only mistake that business owners make when it comes to in-store music.

Your Current Music Plan May Have Some Big Problems

A poorly planned overhead sound that includes the wrong music, no music, or unlicensed music can negatively impact the shopper’s experience and your business.

You can be liable for licensing violations if you play music from Pandora, Spotify, personal playlists, Sirius, or XM radio.

When you play regular radio stations, your music is constantly interrupted by advertisements — maybe even advertisements from competitors.

If you create a playlist that you don’t update often, you may create playlist fatigue which impacts both customers and employees. Repetitive overhead music can impact the way your employees feel and act and decrease customer satisfaction.

When your employees have control of the music, they may change the music to something that suits their interests, but misrepresents the brand or creates a negative shopping experience for customers.

A Professional Music Management Plan Has Added Benefits

When you use a professional overhead music service, you eliminate the concerns that arise when you use your own in-store music. Plus, you reap extra benefits.

Instead of allow other advertisers to get the attention of your shoppers, you can control the messaging between songs. You can use the time to advertise promos and specials related to your business.

With an overhead music service, you can be sure that each song matches your target shopper. You can pre-screen music for offensive content and create family-friendly playlists if needed.

If you have more than one location, you can send the same playlist to all of your stores. This creates a unifying theme for all of your locations.

Developing a Music Preference That Fits Your Audience Is Vital

When you know how to pick the right music for the right audience, you can see even more benefits.  

The type of music you choose can create an environment that changes the way the customer feels, entices them to stay longer, and gets them to purchase more.

Studies have found correlations between the type of music playing in a store and the customer’s purchasing habits. For example, playing classical music instead of top 40 in a wine store increased sales and lead customers to purchase more expensive bottles of wine (Business Insider).  

The type of music you play in your store matters and affects more than you think.

So don’t overlook this essential element of your atmosphere. Put time and effort into setting up a strong overhead music system that improves your business and your customer’s experience. It will be worth it.

If you don’t want to worry about managing music licensing or picking the right song on your own, Spectro provides a monthly services that includes a music profile consultation, hardware installation and warranty, and continued management of your library.

Our plan ensures that you eliminate problems with your music while maximizing benefits that both your customers and employees will appreciate. Ready to start reaping the rewards of a professional overhead music strategy? Contact Spectrio today.