If you’d like to play overhead music and/or messaging in your business, you have several options for equipment. But why choose an on-site player over a satellite music service?

With satellite radio, you may be bound to their music choices with no control over content. That means you might hear the same songs over and over, with no way to edit content to meet your needs. On the other hand, with the right company, equipment and programming, you could have 40 hours of content without repetition, plus complete control over content with playlists customized to your specific clientele.

Satellite music service requires an exterior antenna or dish in order to function. Depending on your business, you may not be able to install anything on the roof. In addition, satellite antennas or dishes require a direct line of sight to their satellite, which can make for challenging installation in some situations. With an on-site music player, there’s no exterior equipment to install. Music is conveniently stored on the player, and it’s not affected by weather conditions like it would be with satellite.

An on-site music player also has day-parting capabilities. This can be useful if you have different clientele at different times of the day, or if you want to have special music for certain hours or days (during a sale, for example).

What can we provide for your business?

At Spectrio, our Atmospheres program is an overhead music solution that includes an on-site music player. In addition, our StoreCast program adds value by allowing custom messages to play at scheduled intervals. For details please contact us today.