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Enplug brings more than 1,000 works of contemporary and classic art to connected displays and TVs

At Enplug our team has been plugged into the Los Angeles art scene for years. Now we’re excited to announce Enplug Art, the first initiative of its kind to bring professionally curated classic and contemporary art to digital signage networks as well as smart TVs in the home.

We’re on a mission to expand art accessibility. That’s why Enplug Art is free to Enplug digital signage software subscribers, and free to new home users. Home users simply sign up for a free Enplug Art home account to access the same vast collection of art from leading galleries and notable museums available to Enplug’s business customers.

Sharon Lee’s “Hummingbird in Lapis” is just one of the exclusive contemporary artworks available in Enplug Art.

Enplug Art joins our passion for technology with our love of art

As an art enthusiast leading a tech company, Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu noticed that there wasn’t an easy-to-use digital art solution. Most tools she encountered required expensive hardware or lengthy installation. She saw an opportunity to leverage Enplug’s platform to deliver art into the home for free – enabling more people to enjoy art, while giving contemporary artists a new way to expand their reach and build more connections.

How it works

Simply create an account on Enplug Art, open your TV’s web browser and browse to, pair the TV (or TVs), and then activate the Art App to enjoy Enplug’s extensive collection of curated art in the home.

  • Amazon Fire TV: Use the web browser on your Amazon Fire TV, like Amazon Silk
  • Apple TV: AirPlay to your Apple TV from any Mac device or download a web browser to Apple TV
  • Nvidia Shield TV: Use the web browser on your Nvidia Shield TV
  • Your Smart TV: Compatible with most web browsers on your 2019/2020 Smart TV
  • Mac Mini: Use a web browser, like Safari
  • Other media player device: Use the web browser

The Enplug Art service is free and users take advantage of screens already in place, so there’s nothing to buy and no installation is required. See the full instructions for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV and 2019/2020 Smart TVs.

Select art to display from more than 1,000 classic and contemporary artists

A better way to bring art to the workplace

With Enplug Art, we’re expanding the role of digital signage in the workplace and modernizing the concept of institutional art collections.

Digital signage has traditionally been viewed as a medium reserved solely for corporate communication, but we’re breaking that mold and extending digital signage into the realm of art appreciation.

Nanxi Liu

While many organizations display their own private collections in lobbies, conference rooms and executive offices, many (if not most) of the works are kept in storage. Enplug Art is democratizing this process, enabling workplaces to feature art on any and all connected screens, without having to catalogue, store and ship it.

A free solution for art in your home

Enplug Art is free for anyone using Amazon Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield to stream to their home televisions. Use AirPlay to your Apple TV from any Mac device or download a browser to Apple TV. You can also use Enplug Art without a external streaming device if you have one of the latest-generation smart TVs. Without any up-front or recurring costs, people can display the same works of art available to businesses.

New Exposure for Talented Contemporary Artists

As part of Enplug Art, we’re building a community of contemporary artists whose works will be featured on the platform and displayed in offices and homes around the globe.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated in-person events that provide the opportunity to connect with benefactors and customers, artists have embraced new content distribution models. Through exclusive partnerships with Enplug, these contemporary artists now have access to a much vaster potential audience, showcasing their work to a diverse universe of individuals who appreciate art.

The three artists we’re featuring in this initial phase include Seamus Conley, Carlson Hatton and Sharon Lee:

“Standby” by Enplug featured artist Seamus Conley

Seamus Conley lives and works in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. A recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Award, his paintings have been exhibited throughout the U.S., including a solo museum exhibit at the Lancaster, CA Museum of Art and History. Conley’s work has been featured in publications such as Hi Fructose, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Weekly, Empty Mat, Bliss Mag and American Art Collector.

Some of the greatest artists are known for pushing boundaries and challenging people to think more openly and view the world from a different perspective. I see a bit of that spirit in what Enplug is doing with its Art App, empowering artists to embrace technology in a new way to share their craft with a much more diverse audience. I’ve always wanted my work to reflect the ethereal and intangible nature of what art can be, and this digital platform is ideal for communicating that concept.

Seamus Conley
“Nobody Wants to Be Defeated” by Enplug featured artist Carlson Hatton

Carlson Hatton lives and works in Los Angeles. A professor of art at Santa Monica College, his work has been shown extensively in group exhibitions throughout the greater Los Angeles area, with solo exhibitions at Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica, Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica and Weekend Gallery in Los Angeles. Hatton’s work had been featured extensively in print, including the Los Angeles Times, Art Ltd, Artillery Magazine, New American Paintings, Art Forum, Voyage, Art and Cake, and Crave.

Art is all about accessibility – making it easier to unite artists with people who appreciate and support the contemporary art scene. I’m happy to be a part of this movement to bring contemporary art within reach of a much broader audience. I’m interested in art being made available as something that we live and grow with. Whether found in galleries, on the street, or within the digital realm, art has a beautifully sneaky way of getting into one’s mind and opening up avenues of interpretation and enrichment.

Carlson Hatton
“Sea Green Peonies” by Enplug featured artist Sharon Lee / Krane Home

Sharon Lee is a Korean-American fine artist and founder of Krane Home. Inspired by her mother and grandfather, both artists, Sharon’s art modernizes traditional techniques with a signature process that involves hand-carving, block-printing, gold leaf and lacquer. She has exhibited her work at venues such as the Korean Cultural Center and currently at the Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii on an ongoing basis since 2016. Sharon turns her art into home décor as the founder of Krane Home. Her paintings and décor have been featured widely in major design publications including House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and Luxe Magazine.

Since the pandemic has been a challenging time for artists who rely on in-person events, Enplug’s Art App is a wonderful, innovative solution to connect more viewers with more art. As a Korean-American artist, my paintings seek to modernize and expand the story of ancient Korean art into today’s home, so I love that Enplug is making fine art more accessible. Vivid color schemes and symbolic motifs layered throughout my paintings using mixed media techniques make my art stand out in digital form.

Sharon Lee

It’s an exciting day here at Enplug when we’re able to offer a consumer-friendly solution to enrich the lives of our customers not only in the office, but also at home. Particularly now as many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, bringing art appreciation into the home in an approachable (and affordable) way will offer a welcome change to the daily routine. We’re really proud of what we’ve built, and we hope you give Enplug Art a try. Enjoy!