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See Enplug Highlights at the Digital Signage Expo

Enplug is returning to the Digital Signage Expo this year, and our technology is more advanced than ever. Enplug will be exhibiting at Booth 108 at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 29-30, 2017. Here’s a preview of the Enplug highlights we’ll be showcasing at the Digital Signage Expo 2017:

In anticipation of DSE 2017, our Head of Marketing Colin Bovet spoke with Corey Moss from ConvergentAV about Enplug’s recent growth, industry partnerships, and what we’re showcasing at the Digital Signage Expo this year.

Listen to the podcast here [13 minutes]

New Additions to Enplug’s App Market

We have released several great new apps in our App Market over the past year:

The Youtube App lets users easily play videos from Youtube on their Enplug screens. Users can also live stream video broadcasts or news using YouTube Live.Enplug Highlights: YouTube Digital Signage App

We’ve also released a suite of curated content apps designed to look great on digital signage.

  1. Sports Center: toggle between Team Profile, Standings, Game Day, Calendar, and ScoreBoard statistics of your favorite sports teams updated in real-time
  2. Daily Health: show a motivating rotation of fitness, healthy eating, medical, and wellness tips
  3. Business & Tech News: display top highlights from major publications around the world
  4. Market Tracker: inform viewers with up-to-date stock tickers and other financial data
  5. News in Pictures: keep your audience entertained with the latest sports, celebrity, and news headlines
  6. Daily Motivation: display fun facts and interesting quotes to engage visitors and staff

Enplug highlights: Curated content Digital Signage Apps

The Google Calendar App allows users to link up to 30 Google Calendars and display reservations and meeting availabilities in single view or calendar view modes.

Enplug Highlights: Google Calendar Digital Signage App

Expanded Partners and Resellers Program

Our Referral Partners and Resellers Programs are more robust than ever.

The Referral Partners Program lets agencies, system integrators, display installers, and manufacturers earn ongoing revenue by referring their clients to Enplug.

Our Resellers Program is for Value-Added-Resellers (VARS) and digital digital-out-of-home network partners. These businesses are able to control how much they earn reselling our software, while taking advantage of our complementary training, customer support, marketing materials, and years of our expertise in digital signage.

Enplug Highlights: Digital Signage Expo 2017

Software Integration with Display Manufacturers

We are excited to spotlight our expanded display partnerships. One notable integration is with ViewSonic, the first display manufacturer including Enplug’s software in its displays. Enplug will come pre-installed on all of ViewSonic’s Smart Signage displays, the first time a smart display will include enterprise-grade digital signage software. Now, it will be as easy as selecting a TV channel to use Enplug with any ViewSonic Smart Signage display.

Enplug Highlights: ViewSonic display partnership

Advanced Enterprise Content Management and Scheduling

This year we’ve added several features that make the Enplug Dashboard more powerful for managing networks of hundreds or thousands of digital displays.

Users can now set up an App and deploy it across multiple Display Groups, so content can be updated much more quickly.

In addition, our new advanced scheduling features allow users to set the time and duration of content with a few quick clicks. Scheduling options for content include recurring on selected days, showing on selected dates, and automatically disabling over time.  We also added a Priority Play feature for the Graphics App that lets images or videos override all other apps on your screen at a scheduled time.

Enplug Highlights New Graphics Scheduling and CMS


We can’t wait to meet you at DSE 2017! Drop by Booth 108 or contact us at to set up a free demo with our team.