4th of july invitation

Getting the message out about an event or special occasion can be a challenge. And yet, once you’ve made an announcement the task is still only half done. Your employees and customers likely receive hundreds, if not thousands of messages a day. So, if you want to ensure event engagement and participation, you still need to make sure your event is top-of-mind.

That’s why we’ve released two new apps that make it easier than ever to get your audience excited about holidays and special events. Enplug’s new Countdown App and Holidays App take the stress out of creating dynamic signage content that features your events – so you can concentrate on delivering better customer and employee experiences.

Enplug holiday countdown app with Thanksgiving example
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the template designed for our Holidays App

Showcase a live timer to build event engagement with the Countdown App

With the Countdown App you can automatically display a timer that counts down or up to your event. In this case, queuing up a tailored list of important events or deadlines is as simple as uploading a spreadsheet of dates with custom triggers for automatic updates. No matter what the event, a prominently displayed timer captures attention and creates a sense of urgency that static messaging just can’t deliver.

When to use the Countdown App

With the Countdown App, you can generate excitement for any number of marketing or internal communications messages:

  • Inspire colleagues to donate to a good cause by counting down the days left in a fundraising or pledge drive.
  • Motivate workers to perform their jobs safely by counting up the number of days since your company’s last accident.
  • Increase participation in an educational event by counting down the school days in order to build anticipation.
Enplug's countdown app screenshot
It’s easy to create a customized live countdown in our Countdown App

Share the spirit of holiday promotions and announcements with the Holidays App

Scheduling holiday content can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when a particular holiday falls on a weekend or on a company holiday.  Thankfully, Enplug’s Holidays App offers a library of holiday templates that, when combined with custom triggers, makes it easy to “set and forget” a full calendar of holidays.

Enplug's Holiday App showing the 4th of July template

When to use the Holidays App

With the Holidays App, you can be sure no holiday is forgotten and also take full advantage of the opportunities seasonal events offer your business.

  • Encourage larger shopping cart sizes when you spread the holiday spirit to retail customers.
  • Build a shared sense of celebration in the workplace to increase employee satisfaction.
  • Promote a positive brand identity by showcasing the events that matter to your company and employees.

Ready to try the latest additions to Enplug’s App Market? Log in to your dashboard or request a demo to start using the Holidays and Countdown Apps.