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What if your company or business could build its own app for digital signage? Now it can with the release of Enplug’s software development kit (SDK). Beginning today, any developer or company can easily build apps for any public display running Enplug’s software.

Enplug is the first open digital signage software platform with a public-facing SDK. Developers are able to create an app and make it publicly available for any Enplug customer to display, getting exposure in places like restaurants, office spaces, hotels, auto dealerships and more. For companies, you can also develop an app to run on your own private network of displays.

Last month, we teamed up with Waitlist Me to announce Waitlist, the first third-party app using Enplug’s SDK. With Waitlist for Enplug, businesses can display a real-time waitlist so customers can see when their table is ready. The waitlist is controlled using Waitlist Me’s mobile app for iOS and Android, which then updates the display’s content.

Here’s what Waitlist Me had to say about creating the first third-party app for Enplug’s platform:

“We loved the simplicity of the Enplug device, and the level of integration it now has with Waitlist Me is so intuitive. It makes it very easy for businesses to display their waitlists to their customers,” said Brian Hutchins, Head of Product, Waitlist Me.

The Enplug App Market currently provides businesses with a suite of apps including Twitter Wall, Instagram Wall, Graphics & Video, News, Weather and more. With the Enplug SDK, you can now create an app for almost every use case possible.

Read about it in VentureBeat!

What are the steps for creating an app for Enplug’s App Market?
1. Sign up at
2. Build an libgdx app from scratch using our Java SDK or use your existing website
3. Use our JavaScript SDK to create a configuration page for your app (where users can customize it or connect their Enplug screen with their account in your service)
4. Submit app for approval to be published in the Enplug App Market

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