2015 new year sign

A new year is upon us! How will you make these next 365 days count? By practicing a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, you can make a meaningful difference that will transcend the year.

1. Transport yourself in an eco-friendly fashion. If you live close to where you work, walk! If it’s a tad further, try bicycling. If you’re like me and live in an area where it is very unsafe to bike, catch a bus, train, or carpool with someone!

2. Eat less meat and more local, organic, and seasonal foods. Meat is extremely energy intensive and produces more CO2 emissions. Find out where and when your local farmer’s market is hosted, or even try growing food right in your own backyard!

3. Stop using plastic products. Think glass, ceramic, and metal for cups, storage, and anything else you need on a daily basis.

4. Buy fewer consumer goods. Really think about what products are necessities. Do you need the latest Apple product? Probably not.

5. Waste less. Challenge yourself to only dispose of biodegradable by-product (i.e. banana peels) and recyclables.

6. Make your residence more efficient. Replace old, energy-intensive light bulbs and water-wasting shower heads. Go tankless on your water heater. Use an energy efficient pressure washer instead of a garden hose. Also try improving insulation in house (you won’t need to use your HVAC unit as often!) and starting a compost garden.

7. Go chemical free with toiletries and household products. You know those exfoliating microbeads in your face wash? They’re polluting the ocean!

8. Air dry your laundry and hair. Powering heat generation takes an abundance of energy. You’ll also save your hair and clothes from the wear and tear of heat damage.

9. Go outside more. Breathe it all in. Exercise more. Go for a swim! Appreciate the reason for your existence and acknowledge that you are helping to responsibly maintain its beauty and utility!

Stay safe and Happy New Year


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