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I’ve been reminding our team all week, but in case you didn’t know, Father’s Day is this Sunday! I’m sure everyone else has a great gift already ready to go, but in case you don’t, here are some of the things that caught my eye during my hunt for the perfect Dad’s Day gift!


1. Oyster Books

If your dad is anything like mine, he goes through books quickly, and it’s sometimes difficult to know which books he’d like. Enter Oyster, the Netflix for books. For less than $10/month, you can sponsor your dad’s reading addiction.



2. Shaving Supplies

Ok, this one is a no-brainer for the dad that likes a clean shave. Groups like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s not only save your dad money, but also provide quality razors monthly straight to his door. Bonus – Harry’s, while more expensive, lets you engrave his initials into a pretty nifty handle.



3. SmartThings

Make your dad’s life a little easier with SmartThings, which can do anything from getting that morning coffee going the second he wakes up to making sure doors are locked when everyone’s out of the house, all from the convenience of his smartphone.



4. Old Guys Rule

I’m not sure whether OGR counts as a startup, but if your dad doesn’t mind being reminded of his age, or if he pretends that he isn’t one of the few remaining survivors from the Paleolithic Era, then these are the best. They have plenty of options (many of which my dad already has), but my favorite is the Jack Daniels “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” shirt. Plus, it’ll go with the Manhattan he’ll be drinking.



5. Startup Vitamins Mug

They don’t carry the “#1 Dad” mug, but Startup Vitamins does  great inspirational mugs. This is just the one that I chose for my dad, who is constantly telling my sisters and me that we should be inventing time travel instead of worrying about the smaller things. If this mug doesn’t match your dad, don’t worry – Startup Vitamins has tons of options available.



6. Huckberry

If your dad qualifies as “outdoorsy” at all, you might want to check out Huckberry. These guys curate a list of shops for the best gear, from fashion to furniture. If your dad is into surfing, like mine is, camping, rock climbing, or looking like he enjoys adventure, then some of these will be up his alley.



7. Lyft

If your dad isn’t so firm on always driving himself, why not give him a day without driving? Have Lyft take care of his transportation needs. It might be a good break from the traffic of his daily commute.



8. American Giant

Why not grab some basics for your dad from American Giant? These guys have great quality items that will last a long time, and they’re tasteful, simple, and classic – all things that many dads appreciate.

These are just the gifts that jump out at me, and with Father’s Day just a few days away (hint hint, friendly reminder), you are probably also on the hunt for something your old man will like. If you’ve found something brilliant for your dad, share it with us in the comments below!

List created by our Chief of Staff, Brenna Harwell