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Everywhere we look these days we are confronted by streaming content — from our phones to computers, from billboards to Smart TVs. Today, the average American sees thousands of ad messages per day. With this much streaming content coming at all of us, how can organizations curate their digital signage software to make it stand out?

Strategic curation is required to utilize integrated digital content that both entertains (keeping audiences engaged) and informs (delivering an organization’s targeted messages).

Suppose you are a nonprofit organization focused on feeding the hungry worldwide. It would not be advisable to stream entertainment content such as Hollywood celebs’ newest exploits. Better to choose streaming content that reinforces the humanitarian goals of the organization.

Or suppose you are a for-profit organization selling novelty items. In this case entertainment content about Hollywood celebs would be a better fit than serious content about world-wide humanitarian issues.

Streaming content should be optimized to include call-to-action messages from the organization:

These messages can include social proof from hashtagged shared social media or perhaps video podcasts your organization creates to be shown as part of your streaming content mix. You can share graphs showing the areas of the world that your nonprofit organization feeds or photos of your organization’s most popular novelty items.

As various content appeals to different people, your curation strategy should include a mix of targeted content. How-to videos can be included as well as video interviews of an organization’s internal and external audiences. All such decisions are part of a curated streaming digital plan, and Enplug’s digital signage software makes it easy for organizations to curate their content.

In terms of the human interest factor:

People like to see other people “onscreen.” and streaming content is an excellent way to do this. For example, the franchisor Creamistry, which uses liquid nitrogen for individually hand-made ice cream, often has waits of 10-30 minutes during busy times. Creamistry uses Enplug-enabled TV screens to feature waiting customers who share a hashtagged update on social media.

Enplug digital signage running on a ViewSonic screen at a school with a live social media wall for education.

Organizations can use streaming content for employee recognition:

Why not showcase the most successful salesperson of the month? Employee suggestions can be streamed with requests for feedback.

Streaming content across far-flung locations can be especially effective for franchise organizations. Both organizational messaging and employee connections can be featured.

Hector Cabral, Executive Director at Inka Franchise Corp, describes how he connected his company’s franchise locations using Enplug’s on-premise live social media walls:

“Both customers and staff love seeing their posts on the screen along with posts from other locations, helping to link our brand across our nationwide locations.”

Yet all of this targeted content needs to be part of a strategically integrated internal and external communications plan. This requires someone in the organization to wear a “curator” hat to ensure appropriateness of content and messaging.

While streaming content’s main goal may be to entertain, the effective use of streaming content for organizational goals should not be overlooked. An integrated mix of curated content can be beneficial for any organization.

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