digital sign content creator template

Digital signage software should work and look great – even if you don’t have a background in graphic design. With webpage, social media and even emergency alert options, our App Market enables clients to be up and running with custom content for dynamic digital signage in minutes. But now, we’re making it even easier. 

Software screenshot showing Enplug's Template App
Enplug’s Template App features an easy drag-and-drop interface

The latest release to our Templates App enhances sign creation for internal communications, marketing, holidays and more. Users get uniquely powerful time-saving tools for even smarter business content creation. Two key features – Custom Triggers and Company Templates – let anyone on your team create amazing designs that are always current and on-brand.

Create Dynamically Updated Content in Less Time with Custom Triggers

Creating engaging content takes time, but without consistent updated messaging your audience will lose interest. That’s why digital signage templates can be a huge advantage for communicators. Enplug’s Templates App extends that advantage by allowing users to set Custom Triggers. Once set, these triggers automatically update text and images on the sign.

Seasonal special digital sign with a countdown clock
Add a countdown clock to feature limited-time deals and specials

With Custom Triggers, users can save time on any number of types of dynamic content creation:

  • Upload a list of employee names with their work anniversary dates. Set the anniversary date as the trigger and the sign will automatically update with the name and image of each specific employee.
  • Upload a list of product specials, the dates of the promotions and photos of the products. Set the promotion date as the trigger and the sign will automatically update the product image and text to announce each promotion.

Streamline Local and Team Content Creation with Company Templates

Whether you’re a larger team, multi-location business or franchise, developing and delivering content can be a big task. When one person takes on the job it can be overwhelming, but when multiple stakeholders are involved, branding suffers. That’s why we’re so excited about our Company Templates.

With Enplug’s Company Templates, administrators can create and share approved templates customized to brand guidelines. The administrator decides which areas of a template are editable and provides access to users through Enplug’s user role feature.

Open office with a digital sign recognizing an employee work anniversary
Company Templates make it easy for office managers to recognize their employees while sticking to company guidelines.

Company Templates makes it easy to safeguard your brand’s identity and ensure company-wide policies are respected. While the use cases depend on your individual business needs, here are just a couple that come directly from our clients:

  • Create an employee recognition template that complies with HR department guidelines. Regional office or store managers can customize it with employee names and titles.
  • Provide individual business locations with in-store promotional signage that matches the design of national corporate marketing campaigns. Local marketing managers can change promotion details to include information relevant to their regions.

We created the Templates App because we knew there had to be an easier (and smarter) way to create customized signs. Ready to try it for yourself? Start from one of our many professionally designed templates and accelerate your content creation with dynamic digital signage.