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The Zoning App is available at the Enplug App Market — now organizations may display multiple types of content simultaneously on one screen.

With the Zoning App — which works with landscape or portrait format — you can set up banners on the left or right side of the screen and set up tickers on the top or bottom of the screen. Content from other Enplug apps will rotate in the main zone of the screen.

For banners you can display weather, RSS news feeds, web pages, clocks and text. For tickers you can display a scrolling feed of weather, RSS news, or text.

Colin Bovet, Enplug’s Head of Marketing and Partnerships, explained the introduction of the Zoning App:

Enplug developed the Zoning App in response to customer requests. This app now provides even more options for using Enplug digital signage for both external and internal communications.

The Enplug engineering team worked to integrate the Zoning App into the other apps available in the Enplug App Market.

Zoning app

Tina Denuit-Wojcik, Enplug’s Chief Technology Officer, said:

Creating the Zoning App was a large effort and I am proud of the team’s work in making it a success. We look forward to our clients enjoying this new addition to the Enplug platform.

The Zoning App is available to be on screen simultaneously with all the Enplug apps except the Social Media Wall App, the Instagram Wall App, the YouTube App, the Calendar App, and the Traffic App. These apps will continue to display full screen. In addition, web pages that have auto login scripts for password-protected pages do not work with the Zoning App.

As with all Enplug apps, one person can manage content rotation across multiple screens in multiple locations. With the option of unlimited users, companies can also have people at different locations add content.

Managing content from Enplug’s web-based dashboard can be done any time from anywhere. Content is stored securely on Amazon’s cloud servers, and Enplug provides unlimited content storage at no extra fees.

Click here for an in-depth guide to using the Zoning App.

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To learn more about how Enplug can benefit your organization’s external and internal communications, click here for a free demo.