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One of most fun features of digital signage and private label TV is trivia content. Customers can answer fun questions related to a variety of topics while waiting in your business. These questions keep customers entertained for a few minutes or even hours depending on the type of questions you choose.

Trivia seems like a fun and quirky marketing option for your brand, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. Here’s how digital trivia can boost your in-store marketing efforts and increase the satisfaction of customers in your business.

Customers Love Trivia

One of the main reasons people turn to trivia is because humans are competitive by nature.

People like to challenge each other and their own knowledge to see what they know. Earlier this year, the mobile trivia app HQ hit one million users as people downloaded the game and started playing by themselves. For just a few minutes a day, people can answer questions, enjoy a mental workout, and possibly win some money.

Not only is trivia a mental workout, requiring people to pull into the depths of their knowledge base and remember something they hadn’t thought of in years, it’s also an emotional rush. Participants get small bursts of dopamine whenever they get a question right, especially if the questions are challenging.

Essentially, your customers are getting happier and healthier each time they answer your digital trivia questions in your waiting area.

Not only are they entertained by the content you are sharing, but they’re also happier to sit their longer and keep interacting with your brand.

Entertainment Makes People Patient

It should be no surprise that when customers have to wait for service, they get frustrated and annoyed. Studies have found that long wait times have even lead to decreased perceptions of quality of care and competence of service providers in healthcare fields. This information can be applied to almost any industry. Customers who wait a long time will believe your food doesn’t taste as good or the value of the services isn’t very high.

Regardless of your actual service quality, your customers won’t think it’s worth it.

Setting up trivia and other entertainment options can help you keep customers entertained and patiently waiting. By the time you are ready for them, they won’t realize more than a few minutes have passed.

Digital Trivia Is Easy to Incorporate Into Your Business

Digital trivia is a flexible tool that almost any brand can use. You don’t need a large business or to operate in a specific industry to benefit from this marketing option. From sitting room TVs to digital signage inside a fast casual restaurant, you can find ways to entertain your customers wherever they wait.

You can feature trivia in your business through video walls and digital screens or on menu boards or private label tv programming.

Also, it’s important to note that you don’t have to offer prizes or keep track of customer scores. This trivia method is meant to be a fun way to distract customers, not an intense, competitive process.

Trivia Is a Low-Cost Entertainment Option

Not only is trivia easy to set up and a fun way to enhance your office or waiting area, it’s also affordable. There are services you can pay for to generate trivia questions, but the cost is low and worth it.

Many business owners use trivia when they can’t afford other ways to engage with clients. They might not be able to afford an office cable subscription or want to buy video games for young kids to play, but they can afford fun questions.

Trivia is also a better choice when it comes to branding, as business owners can choose the content they want and make sure no inappropriate questions slip through.

You can also stop or pause your digital trivia questions at any time when you think you need to focus on other engagement efforts or change your office experience. This makes it a low-risk option to test.

Trivia Topics Can Cater to Your Industry or Location

Small business owners often don’t know where to start when they select trivia questions. They want questions that are challenging and relevant to the target audience, but they have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Fortunately, there are multiple content options for your brand to choose from. Depending on your industry and business goals, you can look for a variety of different trivia questions:

  • General Trivia: These questions cover a variety of subjects and topics that are unrelated to your business or brand. The goal is purely to entertain customers and keep them distracted while they wait.
  • Local Trivia: These questions cover topics related to your town or city. You might ask questions about the mayor, when the city was founded, and the success of local sports teams. This is ideal for small businesses who want to maintain a tight local footprint.
  • Industry Trivia: These questions relate to your industry, though they may not tie back to your company specifically. For example, a pool supply company might ask questions about Olympic swimming records or beaches.   
  • Business Trivia: These questions focus on the business itself. The trivia asks questions about the products, people who work there, and operations. These questions help educate and sell customers on various products.  

You can opt for one specific type of trivia question or mix and match these different categories together. As long as your questions stay fresh, your audiences are likely to test each other on them.

Talk to Us About Adding Digital Trivia to Your Business

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