update your holiday on-hold message

“The holiday season is upon us.”

To most, that sentence is exciting and invokes warm feelings of family, friends, food, and decorations. To some business owners however, it heralds the season of stress, anxiety, and number crunching.  It’s a constant reminder that you’re about to have a hectic couple of months.

It’s time to de-stress. It’s really very simple. One of the easiest things you can do to prepare for the holiday shoppers is updating your on-hold message. This is your chance to turn callers into customers and drive traffic to your location.

If all your customers were standing in front of you right now, what would you want them to know this holiday season?  What would you tell them about your business?

Do you want to thank them for a great year? Do you want to tell them about the promotion you will be offering? Maybe you just want to spread holiday cheer by playing festive music?

Here are a few ideas straight from the creative minds of Spectrio’s On-Hold Message Writing team:

  • Give callers creative gift ideas
  • Foster a sense of goodwill and customer appreciation
  • Promote your favorite charities in the community
  • Be personable and make the customer feel like family
  • Play classic holiday music to invoke happy memories
  • Lighten the mood with fun trivia about holiday traditions, movies, foods and more
  • Set the tone for an upbeat and exciting New Year

What are you waiting for? Let us start your holiday production now, so you have more time for egg nog and family! We even have pre-made holiday scripts ready to go, and different styles of holiday music to choose from.

Contact Spectrio today to create your holiday On-Hold messaging today.