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Not including Spectrio’s 4 owners, we currently have 65 full time employees, plus several part time and contract employees that work hard each day to make sure our clients are taken care of.

How many clients, you ask? We provide more than 40,000 individual locations with on-hold, automated attendant, overhead music and messages, video or digital signage.

We have two main offices – in Oldsmar, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma – plus a New York office. We also have employees located in the Philadelphia region; Austin, Texas; San Juan, Puerto Rico; the San Diego area; and a few other regions in the U.S.

Ever wonder how many on hold productions Spectrio creates throughout the year? We average approximately 2,500 unique on hold audio productions each and every month. That’s just over 30,000 on hold productions per year!

We have a team of 15 writers and 6 studio people that handle the creative aspect, and almost 50 voice talent from which to choose.

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