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Want to know the story behind some of the songs you hear while you’re out shopping or at a restaurant? Our partners at What’s In-Store Music take us Behind the Song featuring A Dead Desire’s cover of “Here Comes the Rain Again”, recorded with the late Oli Herbert.

“I was in Las Vegas opening for the 2017 Rock Radio Awards and Convention at The Hard Rock Hotel when I met Oli Herbert from All That Remains. We didn’t like the pre party we were both attending when we met so I asked him if he wanted to go to my room and jam out. He thought it was a phenomenal idea so we headed to my room. We played guitar for several hours and around 2am we were talking about cover songs. I mentioned the Annie Lennox cover of sweet dreams and I mentioned that I felt the artist who did the cover chose the wrong song. I said I thought the Here Comes The Rain Again song would have been a much better cover. He said, “let’s do it” so we started working on it that night and a few months later we were working on a studio recording. Oli wanted to release the song during the rain season, so after his passing in October I thought the New Moon of April 5th would be perfect to honor him.”

-Moroni / A Dead Desire

“Here Comes the Rain Again” can be heard at many of your favorite places, thanks to Spectrio and What’s In-Store Music. Take a listen here and let us know when you hear it in-store!