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Want to know the story behind some of the songs you hear while you’re out shopping or at a restaurant? Our partners at What’s In-Store Music take us Behind the Song featuring “Dangerous” by Juliana Hale.

“Dangerous” is a hard hitting song about a toxic relationship. I wanted the production, done by Jared Lee Gosselin, to sonically sound dangerous to really add fuel to the storyline, so we used darker chords paired with guitar stabs in the chorus. Lyrically, Skidd Mills and I wanted to paint the picture of a dangerous relationship at that point when you realize that it’s bad for both of you but neither of you want to leave.

I think the concept of “Dangerous” is something a lot of people can relate to. It’s about both literally dangerous people and dangerous relationships. Girls are attracted to bad boys and vice versa, and that whole risky feeling is fun for a while. In this story, we were both kinda leading each other on and driving each other crazy, lending itself to a pretty toxic relationship. The chorus line “It don’t seem so strange to us” depicts how other people can usually see the bad before you do, but at that time it’s really all you know because you’re so wrapped up in your emotions. In the end, that’s not a relationship you should be in, but “Dangerous” is just the first part of the story.

“Dangerous” can be heard at many of your favorite places, thanks to Spectrio and What’s In-Store Music, and you take a listen to the song here. It is also currently #58 on our Allaccess.com chart!