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Want to know the story behind some of the songs you hear while you’re out shopping or at a restaurant? Our partners at What’s In-Store Music take us Behind the Song featuring The Chordaes’ song “Venus”.

“Venus,” produced by Grammy winner Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Roger Daltrey) and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, The Revivalists) is about longing for someone who is out of reach but who holds power over one’s heart. “Sometimes we’re locked in place by forces greater than we are,” says frontman and songwriter Leo Sawikin. “It’s about being in limbo with someone, being powerless to move closer to or farther away from them.”

“Venus” can be heard at many of your favorite places, thanks to Spectrio and What’s In-Store Music, and you take a listen to the song here. It is also currently #39 on our chart!