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In March of every year, our team makes the pilgrimage from our home base in Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo (DSE). It’s our industry’s largest trade show of the year, and we attend both to showcase our own innovations and to see what’s happening in the industry overall.

This year, Enplug is exhibiting at Booth 2908 on March 28th and 29th, and our focus can be summed up in one word: Partnerships.

Over the past year, we’ve been building relationships with other companies throughout the digital signage industry in order to bring better solutions to our customers. Our partnerships fit into four categories:

  1. Content
  2. Installation
  3. Hardware
  4. Affiliates and Resellers

1. Content Partnerships

Content is king in digital signage, and our Open App Market is the perfect way to enable many different types of content on digital displays.

At DSE 2018 we’ll be showcasing our Software Developers Toolkit, which allows developers to create custom digital signage content on the Enplug platform.

Syncromatics develops software solutions for public transit companies. Using our SDK, they created an app to show content on displays in buses that changes in real-time depending on the bus location. This content is now running on dozens of displays, including Anaheim Resort Transportation in Southern California (See the Press Release).

We have a number of partners that we recommend for specific uses. For example, workplace communications clients often display live metrics dashboards from Geckoboard, Klipfolio, and LevelEleven via our Webpage App. Restaurants can design and display digital menus using DSMenu.

2. Integration and Installation Partnerships

For Enplug customers that don’t want to source displays or manage installation themselves, we’ve built a number of key partnerships.

BlueStar provides distribution services to send customers their digital signage hardware and pre-load software if necessary.

Snap Install specializes in digital signage installation and maintenance projects with a nationwide network of contractors.

3. Hardware Partnerships

Enplug has been hard at work integrating our software platform with more hardware options. These new partnerships eliminate the need for a separate Enplug Device through the use of a commercial-grade smart display with a built-in processor.

This year we launched new partnerships with Philips and ViewSonic, and Enplug-compatible smart displays are available for purchase in our shop.

We will be showcasing our latest integration with SHARP commercial displays, with an Enplug screen in SHARP booth #2618.

Finally, we’ll have a Sunbrite TV running in our booth. These high brightness displays with a media player enclosure are a great option for displays installed outdoors.

For Enplug customers looking for display mounting options, we’ve partnered with Peerless-AV. Enplug content will be running on several screens in their Booth #1917.

4. Affiliates and Resellers

We have a global network of partners that are growing their businesses with Enplug.

Affiliate partners refer companies to Enplug and we do the rest. If the companies sign on with us, the affiliate receives a referral fee.

Resellers use Enplug’s platform to manage networks of displays for their own clients. We have resellers in regions around the world.

Future Partnerships

Are you interested in partnering with Enplug? Come visit us at the Digital Signage Expo or apply to partner with us now!

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