Do you remember that time your employee hooked up their MP3 player to blast their favorite music at the end of the night?  Sure, the doors were going to be locked in an hour and your busiest time of the day was over, but some of those lyrics weren’t exactly appropriate for the mother with her 8 year old son, trying to decipher their purchase.  She bought the snacks she wanted, but do you think she will be coming back?

Your customer loyalty can live and die by their experience.  I’m sure you can relate as well to having a negative experience at a store or restaurant, and to this day, you still have not gone back.  What’s more, you probably shared your experience with friends and family members.  We can’t please everyone, but you know who you want in your store, and the music you play, and the messaging you share should be made specifically to appeal to that audience.  Having control over that part of your business can completely change the way people interact with your business.  The beauty is, this is simple, and very doable, all you need is the right tools.

That’s where Retail Radio comes in.  Our system uses plug-n-play simplicity to deliver the music and messaging you want in your store.  Through our simple online interface, you can change stations, blend existing ones to create a new station, schedule different stations to be playing at different times of the day, and my personal favorite, if you are fed up with a particular song or artist, you can block them from ever being played on your radio station again!

In addition to what you can do with the music playing in your store, we will create custom branded, ROI driven messaging for you at the press of a button.  Just submit it through our online interface under the request portal, and our team of professional recording and radio personalities will create the message to promote your newest item or next event.

Customizing and managing your music and messaging shouldn’t be a chore, and with our system, it is simple, and provides your music with music your guests will enjoy, and messaging that will build your brand and increase your bottom line.