Whether or not this year’s Super Bowl MVP gets a chance to utter the above phrase, it’s likely I’ll be doing it sometime in the coming year. In the Stevens family, Disney World has become a regular ritual as we seek a reason to go somewhere warm and spend time together as a family. In fact, our most recent trip to Disney was just last week.

I enjoy theme parks in general, but while other parks are typically about the attractions, Disney World is one place I’ve found where “cast members” truly make your visit special. It’s a great escape from the day-to-day life that makes the experience unique. If Disney had a “frequent flier” program, our family would be “Chairman’s Preferred” level. In fact, our 11-year-old daughter has been there at least a dozen times!

When you’re at Disney World, your focus is exclusively on your family. From the second you pull in until you leave you’re in vacation mode. While the attractions and playing in the pool are wonderful diversions, spending time together creating memories is what makes the trip special. In an October 2014 article in “The Atlantic,” James Hamblin summarizes research showing that experiences, not material possessions, are a better investment for human happiness.

Experiences are an integral part of our offerings at LifeShare. LifeShare’s memories scrapbook helps reawaken experiences we have shared together. LifeShare’s therapeutic music conjures different feelings and memories. And games and activities help create new experiences we can have together.

How do you create experiences and how do you celebrate them? We are delighted to play a role in answering both questions.