I grew up in a house with three brothers, wonderful parents, and enough dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, rabbits, cows, and horses to open a petting zoo. There were a few staples in our lives; church on Sundays being one of them. As hard as we tried, we could never make it to services on time. Being late was not a result of a lack of effort, but instead the tardiness was from a lack of preparation.

Missing socks, spilling juice on a new shirt, over-sleeping, fights over the last Pop-Tart or video games, no clean clothes, no right shoe, etc. All of these excuses could have been prevented if we gave ourselves more time in the morning or made preparations the night before.

We received a call from a long-time client last week. During our conversation she told me a story that left me proud of the high-quality solutions we offer senior living communities. For 11 years (every Sunday since the campus has opened) a 91 year old chaplain comes to their campus to deliver a sermon to folks who can’t make it to church anymore.

The problem: The chaplain called Sunday morning and is unable to deliver the message.

The solution: Through LifeShare’s delivery of CoroFaith programs, the Life Enrichment Director was able to use TV to host her own Sunday morning service! They started with the “Prayers” channel, and then proceeded to make their way through a message on gratitude. They concluded by listening to scripture from the book of John that matched up with the lesson.

When I asked how the residents received it, she said: “it was really great that it talked, we turned the TV up loud enough all residents could hear it without a problem.” She even called it a “life-saver” due to its ease of accessibility during such short notice. Next week she is going to plan out the service in advance, including playing hymns and gospel music offered through Coro Music!

Whether you lay your clothes out the night before or not, you can’t avoid all the obstacles preventing you from getting to church on time. At LifeShare, we want to equip each senior living community with the tools to combat those missing shoes and juice stains.