spectrio cropby Deb Faul, Spectrio Creative Consultant

Anne Decker became addicted to radio when she was 15, and while still a high school student she landed her first DJ job at a public radio station outside of Cincinnati. She earned a degree in broadcasting from the University of Cincinnati and began working as a news producer at WCKY in Cincinnati. To feed her radio addiction, she took part time jobs at two other radio stations while still working one night a week at the public radio station where she began her career. “I loved it. Radio was so exciting and I got such a rush from playing the music I loved and connecting with the listeners. My mailman was a fan and he’d leave cassettes in my mailbox of albums he thought I’d like.”

After a few years, Anne was offered the position of news director at WCIT/WLSR in Lima, Ohio and that’s when she began doing voice work for Hold It Systems, a message on hold company that was later acquired by Spectrio. Anne eventually left radio to work full time as the primary female voice talent for Hold It Systems. “It’s so odd to call a company, either in town or out of town, and find myself answering the phone. Then I’ll realize, ‘Oh yeah, that’s one of our clients.'”

Anne now owns her own advertising agency where she creates marketing materials, web sites and advertising campaigns for a variety of clients, as well as voices messages on hold for Spectrio. She does a lot of work for industries as well, producing safety videos and training programs. “My voice is recognized a lot. I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll tell me I sound familiar, and then when I start telling them about the commercials I’ve done and the messages on hold that I’ve voiced, recognition will suddenly click. Later when I see them, they’ll tell me that once they knew who I was they realize that they hear me everywhere.”

In addition to her ad agency, Anne and her husband own a stable where they board horses and raise hay. “After a hectic day, it’s nice to go out to the barn and spend quiet time with the animals. And of course, I have my radio on while I’m doing barn chores, just to feed that old addiction.”

Take a listen to Anne’s demo by clicking her name below, and let us know if you’d like to use her voice on your next Spectrio production!

Anne Decker