by Robyn Larson, Spectrio Creative Consultant

spectrioSpectrio’s December Voice of Choice, Beverly Farmer, hasn’t forgotten when she first got bit by the voice over artist bug….volunteering to recite the Gettysburg Address in 5th grade and then narrating the entire production for Oliver in 6th grade. “I was hooked!”

Beverly’s love of both entertaining and informing folks with her voice never stopped. She majored in Radio/Television and Journalism in college and then worked in radio as both a personality, reporter and news anchor. “Voicing commercials, station promos and public service announcements was another part of that job that I loved. I also began freelance work doing voiceovers for local cable television and loved it all!” She’s also hosted a weekly real estate television show and has voiced government training and informational videos and web sites.

Beverly began voicing for FocusPoint in 2006, a company Spectrio later acquired and she’s been a valued talent ever since! When she isn’t working on projects for Spectrio, Beverly is busy on the air as a traffic reporter, anchor and producer for Metro Traffic in Washington, D.C. She said there’s never a dull moment. “Our nation’s capitol consistently ranks as having some of the worst traffic in the country!”

In her spare time, Beverly isn’t one to let the grass grow under her feet! “I am a traffic geek and enjoy exploring – field trips as I call them – and learning more about changing roads and traffic patterns.” She also enjoys traveling and hiking with her boyfriend Bill – the pair has hiked in some beautiful places all around the country. She loves baking and takes ‘orders’ from her co-workers for their favorite baked goods! Beverly also believes in giving back. She donates platelets every month at Children’s National Medical Center and is honored to have been able to visit our wounded warriors at Walter Reed.

What does she love most about being a voice talent and working on the air? “I love being able to interpret, inform and entertain; transforming words on paper – or on a screen – into full-fledged messages, bringing the words to life to communicate a message, an idea and maybe bring a smile and a connection to what might be a boring or frustrating wait!” There are some perks too that go with some of the gigs she’s done. She’s flown in a Navy Blue Angels’ F-18, a bi-plane and gone skydiving with the Army Golden Knights! Not too bad!

When asked what song she would choose if she had her own entrance music Beverly conjures up another spunky newswoman some of you might remember with her pick. The theme to the Mary Tyler Moore Show! Looks like she made it after all!

Take a listen to her demo by clicking her name below, and be sure to request Beverly for your next on hold project!

Beverly Farmer