spectrio case studyBy Julie Clark, Spectrio Creative Consultant

Did you ever listen to one of our productions and say, “I know that voice!” At Spectrio, we use highly-experienced professional voice talents who come from a variety of backgrounds in the audio industry, such as radio, television, and motion pictures, so chances are you may have heard that voice before.

One of the members of the Spectrio voice talent pool, Bill Eimers, began working with Spectrio in May of 2008. He has an extensive repertoire of voice work that spans his over 20 years of experience. During his early career, Eimers did radio spots for Dillard’s Department stores. Over time, Bill became the voice for three different television stations, the Phoenix Zoo, the University of Phoenix, Circle-K stores, Goodyear Tires and Arby’s to name a few.

Bill Eimers has a degree in Musical Theatre from a performing arts school in San Diego. His training was in acting, stage, speech, dance and even opera. Oh yes, opera. But folks, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get him to sing you an aria. Sorry- we’ve tried and had no luck. Bill’s voice is friendly, energetic, yet authoritative. And he’s one of our regularly requested talents, who has voiced a variety of scripts from car dealerships to doctor’s offices.

What Bill loves most about working with Spectrio is “being part of a team, where the audio is a key part of the product.” He enjoys working with the writers at Spectrio and the high level of professionalism Spectrio offers. He commented, “The people at Spectrio make my job easy. The scripts are always very readable and mistake-free. The writers always give me clear direction when necessary. And if I have a question, they are quickly available to help me. All of this makes turnaround time very fast.”

A Chicago native, Bill Eimers resides in an old, historic home, he restored himself in Phoenix, Arizona. He enjoys spending time in a little town called Patagonia where he can get in his jeep and explore. You can listen to Bill by clicking here. And be sure to let us know if you want Bill to read your next production script.

To listen to a sample of Bill and our other great voices, click here!