spectrio case study

by Brittny Baldwin, Spectrio Creative Consultant

Voice talent Gregg Simmel grew up in Ohio, and attended OhioUniversity where he studied Journalism. He transferred to the University of Miami and studied Political Science. He then made his way to the other side of the country, to San Francisco where he attended the Bailie School of Broadcasting.

Gregg comes from a background in radio. He began his career as a Radio DJ where his voice could be heard over the airwaves in Northern California from 1987-88. This was when he discovered his love for voiceover work.

“In my early radio days in California, my morning drive partner and I did a remote broadcast from a Firefighters camp deep in the SiskiyouNational Forest during a massive forest fire. It was like being on the set of MASH. Pretty exciting at the time,” Gregg says.

He then moved to Clearwater, Florida where he met a fellow named Mitchell Keller. Gregg started working for Mitch as a copywriter 2 weeks out of the month.

“It was a seamless transition, switching from radio to writing on-hold messages,” Gregg says.

When asked how writing on-hold messages was different back in the day, Gregg mentioned how there was no Internet back then and everything was faxed back and forth to clients.

From 1995-97 Gregg did airborne traffic reports. He says that was a very interesting experience, and he was even given the chance to take control of the plane sometimes!

Nowadays, Gregg is a freelance copywriter and voice talent. His hobbies include, football, going to the movies and frequent traveling. Gregg loves to cook, especially seafood.

Gregg says that if he could record an on-hold message for any business, he would like to do it for one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants.

“Gordon Ramsey has a fiery personality and it would be fun to do one of his on-hold messages,” Gregg said.

If you are looking for a voice talent with years of experience, consider Gregg Simmel. His friendly and adaptable voice will bring the perfect tone to any voiceover.