Lori Tritelby Denise English, Spectrio Creative Consultant


Lori Tritel has been working in the voiceover business for nearly 20 years. Her most recent work includes being the voice of “The Librarian” in Halo 4, and voicing various parts on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has worked in countless video games, and can currently be heard on a radio campaign for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield. She also voiced her first audio book this year for a book called “Saving Each Other” by make up artist Victoria Jackson.


Lori began her career as a piano bar singer. As a teen, she dabbled on the piano, which led to her taking a class in music theory where she learned how to play chords and accompany herself while singing. Lori’s first paid singing job was for five dollars an hour at a restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier. She only knew about 7 songs, but kept singing them in a different order so no one would notice! Each week she learned more songs and honed her vocal skills, and eventually began booking major hotels. After ten years of singing up to forty songs a night to the background noises of business chatter and drinks being blended, Lori began to wonder if there was more on the horizon. Her answer came when she was singing at the Huntington Sheraton in Pasadena, California, where she met someone who introduced her to the world of voice over, and referred her to a local voice over class. She jumped on it!


Lori studied voice over for three years, committing herself to learning the crucial skills and techniques required to have a successful career. The class took place in a garage that had been converted into a studio, and ranged from 4 to 8 students who were both supportive and inspiring. She eventually made her first demo, and was signed by the first agent who heard it.


Since then, she has supported herself solely with voice over work, a fact that she admits makes her extremely proud. “This business has so many ups and downs, and sometimes it’s hard to keep believing in yourself. Rejection comes with the territory, and a big part of being successful is learning how to push through the rejection and keep doing your part. Luckily, this business gives you tons of opportunities to practice!”


Lori also teaches an on-going voice over class in Los Angeles, where she directs students to read at a competitive level. She says “Teaching is a huge part of who I am. It’s like my oxygen tank. I get to meet some pretty amazing people and be a part of their voice over journey. It’s extremely rewarding.”


Lori began voicing for Audio Marketing Systems in Los Angeles in 1996, and continued on as a voice talent once Audio Marketing Systems merged with what is now Spectrio in 2007. She says, “I always get so excited when I see Spectrio scripts in my email. I love reading them! There’s a variety of voices I get to use, from playful to elegant and everything in between, depending on the client. I hope to work with Spectrio for many years to come.”

Listen to Lori’s demo here: Lori Tritel

Be sure to request Lori for your next production, and let her voice work its magic for you and your clients!