spectrio case studyBy Sebastian Martinez, Spectrio Creative Consultant


Mark Adams brings three decades of media production experience to every vocal project. From his days of broadcasting school, to over a dozen Disc Jockey and Production Manager positions at radio stations around the country, to on-camera hosting at a nationally broadcast home shopping network, Mark delivers your message with sincerity, warmth and authority.


Incorporating state of the art recording facilities in his home and mastering the nuances of advanced editing and audio optimization, Mark ensures that your clients will hear your message clearly and convincingly. Besides having provided on-hold messaging for a number of years, he also lends his voice to training and promotional projects for several international companies. You may even see and hear Mark on TV commercials airing in markets across the U.S.


When he’s not in the recording booth for Spectrio’s valued clients, Mark creates immersive media marketing for the real estate industry and rides his motorcycles in the Texas Hill Country region around Austin. Several times each year, even Texas isn’t big enough and the roads beyond beckon to this veteran biker with promises of intrigue and adventure that must be fulfilled.


So, get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway… oh, and don’t forget to ask for Mark Adams to artfully engage your clients with your business’ compelling message before he rides off into the sunset, again, in search of the next Steppenwolf “Born To Be Wild” concert!


Listen here to see why Mark is our Voice of Choice!