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On-Hold Messaging and Marketing

Reinforce your brand, promote add-ons, additional services, and specials while your customers wait.

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Create Engaging On-Hold Experiences

Your On-Hold Messaging and Music is the first impression to your callers – make it memorable and build trust with our customizable solution.

On Hold Messaging

Represent Your Brand

Choose the perfect voice to promote your brand and inform callers—our professional voice talent gives you the polished, effective messages that you need.

Keep Customers on the Line

Callers are prone to hang up when they hear silence on the line. We’ll help you choose the right music to keep them entertained and engaged while they wait.

Easy Update Process

Choose your update schedule and let us take care of the rest. We’ll make sure your customers always hear your latest promotions, specials, and company info.


Keep Customers on the Phone

Professionally developed for a variety of industries--from doctor’s offices to financial institutions to auto shops--Spectrio’s on-hold messages can help to reinforce your brand, promote add-ons, additional services, and specials while your customers wait.

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On-Hold Voice Artist Samples

Select the perfect voice of your brand from our extensive library of voice talent and greet your customers with a professionally produced on-hold message.

On-Hold Music Samples

The right music blended with right voice can make all the difference in a successful on-hold production. Spectrio offers a wide variety of music styles and genres to choose from.

Auto-Attendant & IVR

Auto Attendants and IVRs route calls to the appropriate department and ensure that calls are answered professionally and promptly, without the need for a human resource.

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