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We offer you more than Digital Signage Software. Our enterprise-level platform helps you inspire action through communication. Use the Audience Engagement Software proven to solve your unique challenges.

Flexible & Cloud-Based

Our content management software helps you simplify your infrastructure and improve your processes by streamlining your communication methods.

Your Success Matters

We help you achieve your digital signage goals before your screens are even installed by creating a unique digital signage strategy.

Content Solves Challenges

We specifically show you how we can solve each of your communications issues with daily, professionally curated content and data-integrated campaigns.

Our Focus

Content Strategy & Excecution

The Audience Engagement Framework is our foundation for any digital signage strategy that aims to optimize and boost communication, productivity, and participation by employing concise and polished busts of information to catch your audience’s attention.

For more information, watch our Digital Signage Content Makeover Show.

Customer Service

Everyone says their software is simple and easy-to-use. But when the user really needs help, email-only support or a clunky portal doesn’t cut it. That’s why we led the industry by becoming the first digital signage company to offer unlimited free training and 24/7 support.

Our Technology

Hardware Flexibility

Don’t you hate it when you have to upgrade hardware? Us too. Whether you need a new player or have an existing one installed, we’ll never sell you equipment you don’t need. Instead, we’ll work with what you’ve got and turn it into a modern digital signage solution.


Menu boards, social media displays, or digital office directories: our digital signage integrations play nicely with others. Our platform not only integrates with the popular apps you use, it also broadcasts their messages with professional design esthetics.

Click here to see a full list of our supported integrations.


Protecting your data is important to us, so we built our solution with industry-leading security standards and customizable access levels. Your IT department will feel confident in our network friendly platform. We are PCI-compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified and make sure every level of your data is encrypted, private, and secure.

Users and Teams

Structure user permissions and access levels across your account with users and teams. Create groups to segment your users by location, department or screen location. Restrict what content and features your users and groups can access. Authenticated with Active Directory and SAML 2.0 SSO solutions.

Our Approach

We focus on solving your communications challenges, not just showing you how to use our software. Most companies focus on how to use their product and then leave you to figure it out from there. Our focus is on building curated content programs that inspire action.

We begin each engagement with a discovery conversation to learn more about each stakeholder’s needs and communication goals. From understanding your communication challenges to defining a program for success, to executing the solutions, we ensure your digital signage success from the start.

Case Studies

Singlewire Pushes Safety to the Forefront with Multi-Channel Software 

Angiodynamics Improves Employee Production with Digital Signage 

The Orvis Company Measures Customer Experience with Real-Time Metrics 

Mobile County Public Schools Keeps Their Schools Smart with Technology 

Highwoods Properties Engages Employees with Viral Communications

Spectrio Acquires Industry Weapon

Industry Weapon has ensured our customers thrive now and in the future through digital communications from our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In order to continue to provide the best customer experience possible, Industry Weapon has joined forces with Spectrio to meet the ongoing needs of our present and future clients worldwide.

What This Means to You

With the merger, Industry Weapon clients will have access to a wider variety of content and production options, plus a comprehensive suite of Customer Engagement Marketing solutions – Digital Signage and our Personalized Video Content, Interactive Kiosks, On-Premise Messaging & Music, On-Hold Marketing, WiFi Marketing, and Scent Marketing – through one provider.

Your Competitive Advantage

Today our technology offers scalable integrations ranging from enhanced event calendars to applications including point-of-sale, business system KPIs, emergency alert systems, and more. With the acquisition, you will now have the opportunity to integrate your brand brand across additional touchpoints with best in class content and communication technology, adding value while creating a more cohesive experience for your customers.

Message Envy
Hewlett Packard
Coca Cola
Hardvard University
Exxon Mobil
Holiday Inn
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Survey Monkey

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