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The digital signage industry is constantly coming up with inventive new ways to use displays, and retail stores have embraced it more than just about any other industry. We thought we’d round up a few of our favorite examples of retail digital signage use that’s both creative and eye-catching. Not only that, but these examples of retail digital signage are also useful to customers, which is why they’ve made our top five.

retail digital signage

1. Nordstrom Technology: Denim Kiosk

What if there were a science to jeans shopping? Now there is—your very own digital personal shopper at Nordstrom retailers. DL1961 Premium Denim now has its own denim kiosk at select stores to help shoppers find their perfect fit. Using 360-degree imagery and Smart Denim filters, the “Digital Denim Doctor” gives shoppers a “prescription” for the jeans that will fit them best based on their body type, fabric preferences and lifestyle needs.

Why it works: It makes jeans-shopping as painless as possible and gives shoppers a true sense of power over their experience.

retail digital signage

2. Sephora Technology: ModiFace

Most people shopping for makeup products want to be able to test them out, but going to a cosmetics counter for a quick session with a salesperson can be risky. (Have you ever left a Macy’s cosmetics counter with bad bronzer and glitter all over your face? It’s as embarrassing as it sounds.) So Sephora teamed up with ModiFace to offer a virtual makeover simulator that lets customers try on makeup digitally. They can select an eyeshadow color, for example, and the color instantly appears on their eyelids in the screen (which acts as a mirror), moving perfectly with the shopper’s movements and adjusting to the light.

Why it works: It allows customers to test the product before they buy, decreasing the likelihood of returns (and increasing the likelihood of satisfied customers).

retail digital signage

3. Rebecca Minkoff Technology: Connected Glass

Luxury fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff is on the cutting edge of technology by attempting to incorporate the best parts of online shopping with the in-store experience. A Connected Glass shopping wall serves as an interactive, mirrored display that is used on the store floor and in dressing rooms so shoppers can browse through a catalog, send clothing items to the dressing room or call an attendant if they need a different size. Cooler still are the ambient light controls, making unflattering fluorescent lighting a thing of the past.

Why it works: It makes the dressing room experience hassle-free, and the mirror display blends in well with the high-end decor.

retail digital signage

4. Various supermarkets & drugstores Technology: ShelfVision

This one was originally tested in a “supermarket concept store” in Germany, but we can see a lot of uses for ShelfVision. This is a shelf-edge video display strip that can be placed at eye-level to promote the products it’s placed near, display videos or offer coupons. What makes it so unique is its small screen size—while bigger often means better, the opposite is true here. The small size is surprising and eye-catching.

Why it works: It’s a practical way to deliver tailored messages to customers at the point of purchase.

retail digital signage

5. Broke Bikes Technology: Enplug

Broke Bikes, a popular retailer that started in Europe, lets customers design their own bikes by customizing the colors of each component of the bike. The store has a high-end feel and fosters a sense of community, enhanced by their Enplug-powered display, which pulls live social posts from Twitter and Instagram. It’s the perfect spot for customers to instantly share photos of their own bike creations on the social media wall.

Why it works: The display simultaneously engages customers and shows off the product.(Hint: You can request more info about Enplug’s software here.)

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