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Over 250 locations of franchisor Annex Brands, a leader in the shipping and business services industry, utilize Enplug’s digital signage software to share social media updates posted by raving fans as well as other external communications.

Giving franchisees the tools to market their products and services and drum up business is a top priority for Annex Brands. And with so many locations, managing communications and delivering clear, uniform messaging is another important need. By setting up its franchisees with Enplug’s digital displays for franchises, Annex Brands has improved its marketing and brand communications.

Digital Displays for Retail Franchises

Steve Goble, Annex Brands’ VP of Marketing Communications, uses the Enplug Dashboard to manage visual content across dozens of locations with graphics, Yelp reviews, weather, social media feeds, and more. Managers at each location are also able to customize their own content if desired.

Many locations use Enplug’s Graphics App to advertise the services they offer. One manager, Glenda, saw a difference right away:

We had a customer in the store this morning say, “I didn’t know you did notaries.’”She comes in a lot, so I truly believe Enplug will help inform our customers as to what we do. Gosh, after all the years we have been open we still have customers say, “I didn’t know you have mailboxes”—and they walk by them 2 or 3 times a week! Everyone will watch a TV screen.

Like most businesses these days, Annex Brands’ retail locations rely on positive reviews from customers to attract new business. Enplug’s Yelp App makes it easy to show off their best reviews and even inspires customers to leave reviews on the spot.

Digital Displays for Retail Franchises

Manager Kirsti said:

One interesting comment we received about Enplug was from a customer who was reading the Yelp review, and they got a little bit competitive and wanted to write a Yelp review that was BETTER than the one they were reading! It is a positive, subliminal vote-of-confidence message for the customer who is waiting in line to read.

Kirsti’s location also uses Enplug to display local events and reminders.

According to Goble:

The Enplug dashboard helps us update many locations with just one click, providing an efficient management of in-store content.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows us to quickly customize the order of graphics which show on an in-store TV. Combined with other helpful functionality like sliders which quickly assign length of playing time, we depend on the Enplug Dashboard to efficiently manage our time and content on the in-store displays.

Enplug is also a great way to sell advertising space to other local businesses. Some Annex Brands locations upload promotions from nearby businesses and charge a monthly fee, allowing them to generate revenue from their digital signage.

With such versatile and customizable features, Enplug’s display software is a practical solution for just about any retail location or franchise. Request a demo to explore how Enplug can help your franchise grow!