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Using digital signage in your offices can help your real estate brokerage enhance your existing social media marketing and reach even more potential clients. Here are 6 ways that digital signage for realtors can help you reach more clients and boost sales.

social media marketing for real estate agents

Social media marketing is more important than ever for real estate agents—especially when it comes to reaching elusive Millennials, who make up 32% of the U.S. home buying market, according to an NAR report. Most significantly, they’re also the first generation of digital natives, meaning experts in the industry have to constantly be thinking ahead of the curve to meet young people’s expectations.

social media marketing for real estate agents 1. Market your current listings

Your agents pay good money for professional stagers and photographers—help them showcase their efforts. Rather than posting small, static images in your office window, use a screen to display a gorgeous slideshow of the latest properties to hit the market. (You can even show off virtual tours!) Strategically place your screen near the free property brochures, and you could soon have leads on your hands. If the home has its own website, be sure to include it with your photos, as well. Homeowners looking for a savvy listing agent will appreciate seeing how their house would be marketed if they decide to work with your agency, and potential home buyers just might fall in love with one of your properties.

2. Share customer testimonials

The first thing buyers and sellers want to know about a real estate agent they’re considering working with is what other people have to say about them. Referrals are essential to growing your business, and online reviews are modern-day currency in any industry. Use custom graphics to display testimonials from past clients or pull reviews directly from your Yelp page to show leads or potential clients what people love about working with your agents. Let the glowing reviews do the talking.

social media marketing for real estate agents
3. Display neighborhood trends

Home buyers come for the house and stay for the community. Show off your vibrant neighborhood and populate your screen with tweets or Instagrams using local trending hashtags. Better yet, create a hashtag to engage your neighbors and start a campaign of your own. Encourage your agents and their clients to participate and post what they love most about your city or town, and you’ll have a never-ending supply of photos and quotes from people who truly love their community. (And with Enplug’s automatic social media filters, you can rest easy about questionable content.)

4. Showcase your social media-savvy agents

Your agents are your team, but they’re also individuals with unique styles and skills at marketing themselves and their clients’ properties. Show off their knowledge, expertise and personalities by displaying their social media posts. Passersby will see a mix of market insights, helpful tips for sellers, gorgeous home renovations and anything else your agents like to share online. It will encourage your agents to stay on top of their social media marketing, and it might even inspire buyers and sellers to meet with an agent whose style they think will fit their needs.

5. Post community news & events

Just as you want to boast your community’s people and places, you should also take the opportunity to share news and events happening in your area. Post updates from your brokerage or agents’ blogs, or display content from your favorite local news site. You can pull content from any URL or RSS feed, or create your own custom graphics to show upcoming events. You can even display up-to-the-minute weather in your city.

social media marketing for real estate agents
6. Feature happy past clients

When clients close on a home, it’s a happy moment for everyone, and one that will be remembered forever by the new owners. So every time an agent closes on a home and hands over the keys, have them take a photo of the new owners in front of their home and share the good news on your digital display. The process of buying or selling a home can be long and frustrating, but when all those weeks (or months!) of hard work pay off, it’s totally worth it. That’s what you want potential clients to see. After all, being handed the keys to a new home is the moment all home buyers are dreaming of.

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