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By the numbers: A San Francisco-based bar and restaurant increased the number of customers posting on Instagram from 8 to 257, Twitter from 156 to 2,208, and the number of total impressions from 7,414 to 201,692 using Enplug’s live social media wall on their TV. Read on to learn how!

Taps Social House & Kitchen (gastropub) opened its doors in 2013 in the heart of downtown San Francisco. In addition to their expansive draft selection (45 taps), Taps is known for their tasty menu offerings, local craft beers, and large game day crowds.


Being located in a large metropolitan area, Taps’ customer demographic is made up of primarily ‘young and seasoned’ professionals. Taps needed a way to engage with their target customer on their most used platform – social media.

“Today, technology is a part of everyone’s daily lives. Therefore, it is important that our customers realize that Taps is both a technologically and social media savvy establishment.” -Nick Morf, Owner


Taps used an Enplug device on one of their three TVs placed directly above their bar. With Enplug, Taps showcased a live feed of their customers’ social media posts from Twitter and Instagram. The live social wall would remind customers to post using #TapsSF, and also incentivize them with the instant gratification of seeing their post appear on the screen. These posts would give Taps the impressions and word-of-mouth referrals they needed to better reach their demographic.


Taps saw immediate uplifts in their Twitter and Instagram engagement after connecting Enplug (all data measured 90 days pre and post Enplug):

digital signage for bars case study uplift

Taps was able to increase their Instagram users from 8 to 139 (17x) and Twitter users from 30 to 534 (18x), taking their total posts from the two platforms from 204 to 2,465.

Most importantly, as a result of their increases in posts and users, Taps’ social media impressions grew from 7,414 to 201,692. All of their sharing customer’s followers were now seeing the Taps brand in their social feed.

“With Enplug, we’re providing customers with a technologically savvy experience on social, which has increased customer referrals through word-of-mouth and driven more business through the door. ” -Nick Morf, Owner