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Today’s banks and financial institutions have to deliver personalized communications quickly and effectively if they want to keep their clients engaged. Finding new ways to strengthen these communications is the key to remaining competitive. That’s why Go Energy Financial Credit Union (Go Energy) – a growing financial institution based in Georgia – recently started using Enplug. 

Go Energy sought out Enplug to help achieve various branch marketing objectives, including: efficiently creating and rolling out in-branch marketing materials; building awareness for product offerings & promotions with credit union members; promoting social media & digital products; and building familiarity between the Go Energy Financial team and credit union members.

Streamline internal and external communications

Since implementing Enplug at their various branches, Go Energy has been able to better communicate with credit union members and to celebrate milestones with fellow employees.

“Our screen communication through our partner, Enplug, has brightened our lobbies and provided connections to our members that we did not have previously. The ability to personalize our lobbies with a variety of messaging has greatly improved our member experience inside the branch.”

Denise Swan, President & CEO, Go Energy Financial Credit Union

Improve brand marketing

Dynamic digital signage is the perfect complement to Go Energy’s new state-of-the-art branch in Dallas, Georgia, and it will play an instrumental role at their soon-to-be-completed branch in Douglasville, Georgia. Go Energy can now organically promote its social media pages, as well as celebrate work anniversaries, employee birthdays and credit union events on-screen to increase engagement with credit union members in the branch. 

Since implementing Enplug, Go Energy has rolled out multiple new programs tailored to help its members take better control of their finances. From money transfers through Zelle to an online financial wellness program, they can now effectively promote these and other programs in-branch in digital format, eliminating costs typically associated with in-branch print marketing.

Get the Enplug & Go Energy Financial Credit Union Case Study

Download our latest digital signage for financial institutions case study to see how Go Energy implemented Enplug and discovered the value of:

  • Utilizing in-branch marketing materials
  • Building awareness for product offerings & promotions with credit union members
  • Promoting social media & digital products
  • Building familiarity between the Go Energy Financial team and credit union members

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