Concession stands at a stadium with Super Bowl LIV logos on digital menu boards


Disclaimer about blog being originally from Ping Hd site

[TAMPA, FLORIDA, February 2, 2021] The big game might look a little different this year, but it’s not stopping the Tampa Bay stadium from serving up its game day menu.  

The 66,000-seat Stadium plans to welcome 22,000 fans as they witness Tampa Bay face off with Kansas City. 

As the playing field gets its prime time makeover, other parts of the stadium have begun preparations for the big event. With fans paying upwards of six thousand dollars per ticket, every aspect of the experience is expected to be world-class. 

Since you can’t do football without food, the onsite concessionaire at the stadium is doing their part to ensure fans enjoy the festivities while away from their seats. As patrons browse dining options throughout the concourse, they’ll notice that each digital menu board has undergone a complete rebrand for the big game. 

Digital menus are relatively new to the Tampa Bay stadium. In 2019, the team partnered with Ping HD, a full-service digital signage solutions and software company, to replace the previous static menu signage. 

Ping HD deployed 140 Samsung (SSP) smart signage displays around the stadium. Custom content was designed for each concession area to simplify item selection, support theme branding, and speed up the ordering process.

The Concessionaire needed a solution that gave them the ability to change their menus quickly. EngagePHD was chosen as the content management solution because it gives them the ability to update and manage all 140 screens from one cloud-based interface.

“The cloud-based solution made it easy for stadium staff to quickly change each digital signage display to match the look and feel of the big game,” said Joe Malouff, Director of Marketing at Ping HD. 

To further simplify, each digital menu integrates seamlessly with Bypass Mobile, the point of sale system used at each register. Pricing, inventory, and other product details are managed within the Bypass Mobile dashboard and then fed directly to each digital signage screen. 

“Upgrading the Menu Boards at Stadium has been a fantastic joint project.  Implementing an integrated state-of-the-art platform with the ByPass Mobile point of sale system and the Ping HD EngagePHD CMS has helped drive operational efficiency, fan engagement, and increased food and beverage revenue”, said Greg Lewis, Partner at Ping HD. 

At the start of the 2020 season, Ping HD also deployed 140 digital menu boards at Kansas City’s home stadium.