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La Taqueria, one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in San Francisco’s historic Mission District used Enplug digital signage on social media displays to help build a previously non-existent social following into a sales generating marketing tool powered by their customers.


The Business

Over the past 41 years, not much has changed about La Taqueria in San Francisco- they’ve managed to preserve the same team, same recipe, same burrito maker, and even the same owner. Being part of San Francisco’s historic Mission District helped boost their brand to the next level. Their fresh ingredients, flavorful menu, and family-oriented atmosphere had gained them a tight niche of life-long customers.

The Challenge

La Taqueria’s marketing strategy, like the rest of their business, had also remained the same throughout the years. They did no promotional work, no advertising, and hardly any social media marketing. Their business relied heavily on the word-of-mouth recommendations from their strong customer base. Their revenue was steady, however they weren’t seeing the same level of growth that other efast-casual restaurants in the area had been achieving through social media. La Taqueria began to re-evaluate their own marketing campaigns.

La Taqueria social media display

The Solution

While searching the web for a social media solution, La Taqueria came across Enplug. Enplug’s live social media display software turns any TV or display into a live Twitter wall, Instagram wall, Facebook feed, Yelp feed and more. All posts that include the business’s handle (@LaTaqueriaSF) or custom hashtag (#LaTaqueriaSF) appear on the social media display instantly, which creates the incentive for customers to post about their experience.

La Taqueria decided to install Enplug’s Social Media Displays to spark the conversation across social. With the low-cost and ease of use of Enplug’s software, it was a low-risk decision. Enplug installed their software behind the check-out counter to ensure the highest visibility.

La Taqueria connected their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare to the display. The call-to-action bars at the top of the screen asked customers to share their experience on social using La Taqueria’s handle and hashtag. Through the display, La Taqueria promoted their customer’s interactions in real-time, as they were posted.

Enplug social media display

The Results

Over the course of 60 days, La Taqueria saw a huge spike in their Twitter and Instagram engagement.

La Taqueria social media graph

Compared to 60 days prior to the Enplug install, La Taqueria saw an increase of:

  • 3,088% in the total number of customers posting about their business
  • 6,013% in the total number of posts about their business

La Taqueria’s social media display generated 517 posts between Twitter and Instagram over the course of two months. The 133 Instagram posts from their customers collected a total of 2,949 likes and 244 comments. Not only were the customers posting, their posts were receiving high levels of engagement. La Taqueria had now reached a large part of their customers social following.

Over the course of just 60 days, La Taqueria generated a total of 116,367 impressions on Twitter and Instagram alone. Their customers were advertising to their own followers by simply posting with the La Taqueria handle and hashtag, thus creating awareness and causing a positive affect on their sales figures.

“Enplug is putting pictures in front of people’s friends telling them the awesome story of their experience at La Taqueria. Then those friends come, spend money, take pictures and tell their friends the awesome story. It’s an endless cycle of my customers growing my business for me through Enplug.” -Angel Jara, La Taqueria Manager

La Taqueria has seen a 28% increase in sales this past summer with Enplug’s software promoting their business organically, through their customers, on social media.

By expanding their social reach and increasing their impressions, La Taqueria has experienced a consistent growth in sales since installing their social media display in March of 2014. Business has never been better for La Taqueria, as their growth is at an all time high. They were even voted the best burrito in California.