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How can colleges and universities connect students and faculty across multiple campuses using digital signage? Just ask the professionals at Fremont College, whose multi-campus community has seen a boost in social engagement since using Enplug’s social media wall to power their displays.

Fremont College digital signage

Photos by Vicente Cordero

Fremont College’s mission is to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom and the 21st-century workplace through innovative instructional methods. It has two campuses—one in Los Angeles (pictured) and one in Cerritos—so they also wanted to bridge the physical gap so the campuses are more interconnected. That’s where Enplug comes in.

“At Fremont College, we value technological innovation and fostering a sense of community. Enplug plays a big role in both—and it’s easy to manage,” said Fremont College Chancellor Dr. Sabrina Kay. “Being able to quickly schedule out content to multiple displays is important for us, especially when we have announcements and events to share. The best part is Enplug has boosted student engagement and strengthened the connection between our two Fremont College campuses.”

Fremont College digital signage

With apps like the real-time Twitter wall and Instagram wall, students and faculty alike can share accomplishments, events and updates instantly to any of the displays in the main office. The college also uses Enplug’s Graphics app to post helpful graphics about career advising, FAFSA deadlines and more.

Dr. Kay said students love the interactive displays at both of the college’s campuses because it’s “near instant gratification—they can literally see themselves as they post anything on their social media sites.” She added, “It provides our students with a stage to express themselves both in and out of school. It also gives our staff an opportunity to engage our students on a more personal level—seeing their hobbies, favorite foods, friends and family.”

Posts with the hashtag #FremontCollege appear instantly on-screen.

Fremont College digital signage

“Enplug is the best digital signage software we’ve experienced,” Dr. Kay said. “The solution lets us use our existing TVs and maximize their value. Students love posting tweets and Instagram photos onto the displays and seeing their classmates’ posts.”

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